Mike Rimbaud

New York, NY
Rock / Indie Pop / Alternative Rock
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 Another review of "Night Rainbow" in French from Paris: http://metro-stationdurock.blogspot.fr/


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"let me introduce you and let's go deep with Mike Rimbaud. I can tell you that his tone is really sultry and sexy, and that applies to him speaking and singing. Add to that, the fact that he really writes from a deep place within, and you've just began to scratch the surface of this mysterious multi- talented artist. SET: Mike, you have an almost underground cult following here in the city. For those who aren't in the know already; how would you sum up your musical style and message? MIKE: I write rock 'n roll songs that will make you move, not only dance, but make you think. I'm constantly entertaining issues most songwriters would totally avoid."  Susan Turner, Set in The City

"Mike est certainement une des rencontres les plus enrichissantes que j'ai pu faire ces dernières années, un artiste vivant pour sa musique, un gars plein de révoltes, de poésie aussi, un songwriter de talent, bon musicien, qui mérite une plus large reconnaissance, en France, comme chez lui. Entre "Night Rainbow" et ce nouvel album intitulé "Put that dream in your pipe and smoke it" (tiré d'une expression américaine, fait référence à la fin de l'american dream, on pourrait traduire par "prends le rêve américain et carre le toi..")  Rockin JL, LE DEBLOCNOT

"Mike Rimbaud- Night Rainbow: "Few other songwriters have chronicled New York as savagely and insightfully as this Elvis Costello-esque, psychedelically inclined guitarist and rocker; it’s arguably his best album ever." "Best Albums of 2013""  "Best Albums of 2013", New York Music Daily


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