The Vail

Hot Springs Village, AR
Rock / Industrial / Hard Rock
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"The Vail played last, which is only fitting for a band so preoccupied by death and ruin. Neeper wrote "Rock-Fucking-Solid" a total of three times in his notes on their set, while Judge "Big" John Miller called it "very loud." Tim Jones agreed, deeming it a "technically proficient aural assault," and Stacie Mack went even further, writing, "I feel like I should thank this band for the intimate vibrations they gave me, because they were louder than the second coming of Christ.""  Will Stephenson, Arkansas Times Musician's Showcase

"Being one of the best, if not the best undiscovered bands in the south, The Vail is a machine, a well oiled Industrial Hard Rock machine of perfection. Their work ethic can’t be matched and is a forced to be reckoned with. I tell everyone I know about this band, but won't have to for long. Soon people will be asking me if I’ve heard of The Vail."  Dylan Tippin : Dark From Day One, Press Review

"Collecting Pieces" tells a story of tension, pain, bitter feelings and distress. It induces the listener to reach their own personal catharsis. The militant guitar riffs, cerebral lyrics and haunting rhythms are forged into an alloy of hard rock and industrial metal. Together, they create a sound resembling a frayed live wire, crackling with energy and threatening personal contact. My advice is to grab that wire and go with the flow of charged music spewing from the stage.  Arkansas Rocks Entertainment, Collecting Pieces Album Review


Barataria Live Marrero, LA Sat May 31 14 10:00 PM  
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