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Good morning!

I hope all of you had a wonderful holiday season! I sure did, and though I'm sad it's "over", the joys and memories of holidays with my family and dear friends stick with me forever. I'm very sentimental, in case you couldn't tell ; ) 


Well, several years ago I wrote a song called "Old Folks Song", which tells a story of two people that met when they were young, fell in love, got married, and made it last FOREVER. I value commitment and deep, lasting love, so it's a story that's very dear to my heart. The song is reasonably light-hearted, but the story is real and very special to me. 


I'd like to make a music video for "Old Folks Song" using brief clips of loved ones in YOUR life! I wrote a blog with more detail, but the gist of it is this:


I hope YOU will send me a brief clip of a couple (or two) in your life who display sweet, true love. They can be grandparents, parents, aunts and uncles, good friends, siblings and their significant others, you and your sweetie pie, or whatever. I would like a variety of ages and scenarios, so be creative! If you have permission from the lovebirds, snag a candid clip of them being sweet one afternoon, or simply ask them to smile and wave if that's more their style. Whatever you need to do - do it : ) Do be creative, though, as the video won't be as magical as it can be if every clip is the saaaaaaaaame. You get the point!


Here's the blog with more info:


And here are two videos that this one will be modeled after:


There IS a deadline for the clips, and here's where you need to send them:


Deadline - February 7th, 2013

Send to -


Use your iPhone, Android, Flip camera, or something else easy, k? 


Be creative!


I'm going to debut the video at my annual Chippewa Falls Senior High School concert on Friday, March 8th : ) 


Have a great day, friends, and thanks for being involved! 










"Anna Johnson and her band.... Its hard to say, but maybe the highlight of my career as an engineer/producer thus far. I couldn't have asked for such a mixture of talent, heart, professionalism, and fun! It all started with a phone call from Matt McPherson, owner and designer of McPherson Guitars. Because of his guitars and heart for music, Matt has met and heard TONS of amazing artists. Turn on your TV and watch the grammy's or ACMs and you'll find his signature guitars in the hands of amazing musicians. So when i heard him say the words "She's got more talent and potential and than most of the artist that i've heard" it made a statement."  Michael Head - Producer at McPherson Studios, Private Recommendation

"One of the purest voices i have ever recorded, Anna is a joy to work with! Her spirit of writing what she is going through and then singing it, pierces the soul in an 'artist' way that is only Anna Johnson..."  Bill Smiley - Producer, Private Recommendation

"Anna is an amazing and prolific songwriter. Her ability to weave infectious melodies and thoughtful lyrics is impressive. When she combines that with her beautiful voice, you end up with an epic creative cocktail. .....and she's funny."  Ken Lewis - Percussionist and Co-Owner of Global Genius Productions, Private Recommendation


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