Jim Hurst

Nashville, TN
Bluegrass / Americana / Singer/Songwriter
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Hi ,


Wanted to let you know that I'm coming to Wichita Falls TX for a concert Friday night, Jan. 25th.


Hope you can come, and I'd love it if you could let others know - anyone in the area who might like to know about it. It is a bremefit event and is FREE admission. They will ask for donations for a worthy cause.


Come on out and join me. Take care and be well!

Kind regards,



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"When I met Jim Hurst for the first time last summer, I was almost surprised to discover he has just two hands. He sure plays guitar like he has a couple of extras, using a blend of flat picking and finger picking to play bass lines, melody lines and support lines all at once. That how-does-one-guy-play-that approach is on display throughout Jim’s new self-produced CD, Intrepid. For 12 of the 13 songs, it’s just him – one voice and one guitar – laying it on the line. “It’s kind of like a courageous leap of faith,” he told me the other day. The stripped down production results in music that’s easy to listen to, but that makes you think without being preachy. Every time I play these songs, I “see” myself sitting in the dark, in front of a roaring fire, at my favorite cabin – even when it’s the middle of the day and I’m stuck in the middle of the city a couple of hundred miles away. That’s some powerful stuff. *Follow weblink to read entire review"  David Morris, Bluegrass Today Blog

"After serving time in some pretty high-level country stars’ bands, singer/guitarist Jim Hurst spent a number of years in Claire Lynch’s ensemble, and then in a groundbreaking duo with bassist Missy Raines, before going out all on his own. Fortunately, as his latest project — the aptly-titled just-a-guy-and-his-guitar Intrepid — makes clear, Hurst is an infinitely capable musician whose solo work can be every bit as riveting — and varied — as that of many full bands. Though he’s earned a couple of IBMA Guitar Player Of The Year awards, bluegrass-style flatpicking is just a small part of his repertoire, which includes the assured, energetic fingerpicking showcased in Intrepid’s “Open G Medley.” Hurst isn’t afraid to mix up his styles, either — and he’s a warm and engaging singer, to boot."  Jon Weisberger, Nashville Scene

"2010 marked a year of note for Jim Hurst. After playing for over two decades in bands or duets, he finally decided it was time to “express the musical efforts of Jim Hurst, for Jim Hurst ... for better or worse.” “I don’t know why my desire to be loyal and the best ‘team’ player I could be was strong enough to delay my own personal musical efforts,” he says, “but it did.” His plans include “doing as many dates, workshops, music camps as I can, and looking forward to the next musical opportunities — hopefully touring Europe next year.” For more: follow weblink to read full article"  Shawndra Russell, Savannah Morning News - Savannah Now


BACCA Performing Arts Center Lindenhurst, NY Sat Jan 31 2015 08:00 PM Tickets
Fleur de Lis Acoustic Series Knoxville, TN Sat Mar 21 2015 06:00 PM  
Sylvester Manor Educational Farm Shelter Island, NY Sat Mar 28 2015 06:00 PM Tickets
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