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Winter Solstice Ceremony
with Didgeridoo Healing



Friday, December 21, 2012

Doors open - 8:30 PM  &  Starts - 9:00 PM


The Galactic Center

35 E. Toole Ave, Tucson, AZ  85701



  If you're not a Rainbow Didge Music "Meetup" member &
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  •     Crystal Bowl Attunement
  •     Ceremonial Song offering of a Native People's Tradition
  •     Group Drumming for meditation journey
  •     World Class Didgeridoo guided sound journey
  •     Group sound treatment with Didgeridoo, Tibetan Bowls, Percussion
  •     Sharings by the group on personal alignment and synchronicity
  •     Renewing Dance / movement celebration to PSY-TRANCE MUSIC






 Allen Smith of Rainbow Didge Music -

and friends will create Portals To Presence
with DRONES & RHYTHMS on DIDJERIDU & percussion.

He will also guide a GROUP SOUND HEALING SESSION -
moving about people with Didgeridu, bells and bowls.

  Bring a pillow, blanket and mat for laying upon the
floor to receive vibrational healings more directly.



 Phil Cash Cash -
will call the Light, and sing a ceremonial song
for the light, in the way of his ancestors.


 Quynn Elizabeth & ISA drummers -
will drum a traveling journey for all.


 Kati Astraeir of Solar Culture -
will share the sounds of her crystal singing bowls.




Also available in the spontaneity of the
moment is movement and vocal toning.
Those present create the energy of the event.
Circle closing will bring a time for group sharing
and to tell stories of Attunement on this night.


We will open to the presence of the
moment and welcome what comes.


Celebrate your New Era by
dressing to express your Spirit!

Love Donations are accepted.  







Attunement means to bring into harmony with; to be In Tune.
For this night, we open a space of Attunement for any and all
who want to be in vibrational and energetic harmony with other
benevolent beings as the old era falls away and the new era unfolds


Open to the truth of our world as pure potentiality -
where creativity and joy make all things Light/Lite.


More info about presenters:



Allen Smith of Rainbow Didge Music & Hilarion Sciences.      rainbowdidge@q.com


"I'll be sharing sound healing with a fresh new energy.  lol.  Actually it's as old as the universe.  But after my recent journey with the "Spirit Molecule," it all feels renewed and vitalized.  Whew Hoo!"

In a sleeping dream, Allen was given instant mastery about the sometimes difficult task of circular breathing; an advanced breathing technique that is required for playing the Australian Aboriginal Didgeridoo.  It is the quintessential instrument that represents their creation myths of the Dream Time.  And Allen is a master player that brings a non-local consciousness to our physical world as a Clarion Call of Awakening.

Listen to my entire cd, "Clarion.  A Call To Awaken" (my 1st creation so long ago) - starting on this song for free!  heehee.  FEEL THE JOY - Trk 1


And if you'd like to hear NEW perspectives on REALITY and ONENESS
principles for a new era, check out this "FREE YOUR MIND" 80 minute audio.




Phillip Cash Cash -
"My traditional Cayuse/Nez Perce name is Píitamyanon Maqs Máqs 'Yellowhawk' and my english name is Phillip Cash Cash.  I hail from the sacred Blue Mountains of eastern Oregon where I was raised by my elders.   I was first initiated into the medicine society as a young person and am only one in a handful who continue to follow the wéhyekin or “spirit guardian tradition”.  Presently, I am a PhD student at the UofA and have been residing in Tucson for the past 10 years."


Kati Astraeir -

is a mystical visionary artist in Tucson.  She and her partner Steven Eye keep the Tucson Art Hub "Solar Culture" and its expanding "Complex" of warehouse art studios on Toole Ave. running beautifully.


Quynn Red Mountain -

was called to shamanize in 1996 and is a shamanic practitioner (she has been taught "her ways" of shamanizing by her Spirit World). In 1999 she founded the Institute for the Shamanic Arts to help others learn 'their ways' of the Spirit.  Find out more at www.quynn.com




Info - call  ALLEN - 520-743-7339

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