The Washover Fans
Vashon Island Strawberry Festival
The Washover Fans
Vashon Island, WA

Hey Folks,


Keeping this one short and to the point as we are late on getting this out... We are excited to be a part of the Strawberry Festival on Vashon Island this year! We play Sunday on the U.S. Bank Stage from 2:15-3:00. Check out more info here: Strawberry Festival



Also check out Ben Shown's new portfolio site with a lot of TWF designs he has made over the years HERE.


We hope to see you at the festival on Vashon!



Yours Truly,



The Washover Fans

"Seattle's heartfelt acoustic roots scene is here to stay, and it's deep and formidable. Rather than grousing about how Head & the Heart sidewoman Charity Rose Thielen's harmonies resemble Donna Jean Godchaux's at their most atonal, it's better for everyone if vastly more talented females like The Washover Fans' Gillian Tart are showered with accolades instead. Tart instantly recalls another Gillian (Welch)."  — Mike Seely, Seattle Weekly
"Despite the fact that their earthy music is all-original, they have a keen ability to take us back to roots, drawn from old-timey front porch sounds as well as folk-rock and alt-country. The Washover Fans’ songs with slower tempos strive for evocative mood pieces with enticing vocals and aesthetic instrumental accompaniment... They demonstrate a voice and sensibility beyond their years"  — Joe Ross, Roots Music Review
"On "Live at Empty Sea Studios," The Washover Fans revel in the simple beauty of acoustic harmonies. Their voices mesh effortlessly, and their instruments are tight accompanists to the songs (with some particularly delicious mandolin and steel guitar lines), which have quite catchy melodies. It's folk music done right; nothing fancy, but "tous qu'il faut" as the French say (which means "everything you'd need"). The songs are deceptively simple odes to love and love lost, nothing necessarily new here, but this is a large cut above the many singer-songwriter CDs I've been listening to recently. Really, this kind of folk music comes down to the lyrics and the deftness of the music, and here's where The Washover Fans really stick out. Their words are subtle, thoughtful, and bring new light to old ideas. They're bringing a much needed creativity to folk music, and when they drop covers on the new album, they're chosen with care and given a sweet, sorrowful sound."  — Devon Leger, Hearth Music Blog
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