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Hi and welcome to all of you who recently joined the mailing list.

I'm very happy to have received news that my song "Muddled In The Middle" won best song in the singer/songwriter category at the Akademia Music Awards this month!


It's been a busy month for collaborations.

When you get a moment, have a listen. (links below)


The first is called "Hey!" by Joe Jaunty. (singer/songwriter/alternative folk),

produced by Kappi of Kloudworks, mastered by Boris Dommenget and vocals by Joe Jaunty/Fiona


The second is 'Sanserra" by Randy Kaye of Amyrrhond. (electronica, darkwave, ambient, gothic),

produced and mastered by Amyrrhond, vocals mastered by Boris Dommenget.


It was a real pleasure working with these artists. At present I'm working on finishing one of my songs and also on our newest creatiion with Scott Sullivan of Seven Days.


I'm also looking forward to collaborating with R.Pickett this coming April.


Here's the link for the Wochenblatt newspaper interview on March 2nd (page 1 and 4).


Thanks to all of you once again for your continued support :)


Wishing you the best,











"'Muddled In The Middle', Winner : Best Song in the Singer/Songwriter category. 'Muddled In The Middle' pleas for personal rebirth through its breathy, ethereal vocal arrangements, ambient strings and understated percussion, bringing the musical poem to its full potential." — Akademia Music Awards, Beverly Hills, CA

"Muddled in the Middle" is vintage Fiona. Countless vocal layers interwoven with beautiful acoustic guitars and crack accompaniment by Boris & Co.  — -- Howard Lawrence --

"Really like "muddled". you really have to sing well to just have an acoustic guitar behind you in places, the voice is so exposed. great to hear such fine vocals. " — -- Zed Mizar --

"The Games We Play was a great listen and love the vocals with captivating instrumental. Great cinematic vibe! Enjoying Helena's Room as well, majestic and enchanting journey it took me on " — -- Jonathan Tambe --

"Fiona, thank you so much for being a guest on the show with your music and with Seven Days and the recommendation. When I discover music artists as talented as you it makes my podcast so much fun!! " — -- King Minion's Music Podcast --


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