Willie and the Hand Factory
Augusta, GA
Hello everybody,
I enjoy all of us getting together in this weird electronic world and sharing our love of music and whatnot. I kind of see us all as a team or a tribe bound by my music and radio show. One of our tribe is very sick and in need of some help. Miles Rosser is a very young man who has lived some shit none of would want. His mother Kim Rosser died tragically about ten years ago, his dad just passed away from cancer not two months ago and Miles had his own battle with cancer.
He lost a leg to it a few years ago and got him one of those spiffy titanium replacements.  Now Miles' cancer is back and the doctors have given him between 4-6 months to live. He's got a wife and couple of small kids who would like their Daddy to be around for a while longer. One of his friends started this go fund me account to raise money for the family so they could take a vacation or do something special. All I'm asking is everyone give what they can afford to the link below.
I wrote "I'm Going to Kentucky" in honor of Miles' mother, Kim. She died in 2004 and I wanted some way to remember her life. Your help is appreciated.
See you at the show,
Bill Scoggins/Willie and the Hand Factory

"This year, in honor of Bob Dylan’s 69th birthday, Bill Scoggins organized an inaugural event to celebrate the artist’s influence on American culture: Bobfest. “I’ve been having this idea bounce around in my head for a long time to do this [in Augusta],” he said. “I finally decided to go ahead and jump in with both feet this year.” Scoggins drafted folk duo Taliaferro Slim & Eddie Bo-Rat and Athens’ Dis-Taster to give their take on the tunes that made Dylan a legend, as well as his own band Willie & The Hand Factory. " — Alice Wynn, Metro Spirit

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