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~~ The mailing list has grown a bit since my last letter and I think it's a good time for us to catch up. I wanted to thank everybody who came out to the MAD studio show back in September we had a really good show that night!
I'm working hard to get my podcat radio show back on the air. It's called the Voice of Harrisburg and it runs for an hour every week on Saturdays from 11pm -12am. on ustream.com. You can find the old shows on youtube just go over and put "the voice of harrisburg" in the search engine. I call it The Voice of Harrisburg because I live in a section of Augusta, Ga. that used to be the mill village called Harrisburg. The King and Sibley cotton mills are located on the Augusta Canal and the mill workers used to live in the  area around the mills.It  is called Harrisburg because in 1797 a man named Ezekial Harris owned alot of land where the houses are now. His house is still standing on Broad street and my great grandparents, Thomas and Georgia Scoggins lived in the Harris house when it was a boarding house in 1912. My great grandfather Thomas died in that house and they had his funeral right in the front room.My family has lived in Harrisburg since 1900 and I live here today.
The holidays are coming up and it's a geat time to buy some music.  Willie and the Hand Factory ( my band) have a CD out on CD baby. You can go there and buy one song or the whole CD. The album is called No Flowers for a Friend.
I have a song called 1918 (which is on the album) that I am trying to get a music publisher to push in Nashville. It's about my grandfather who fought in WWI in France.
I just finished a song called Christmas 2013 peyote dream under the name of Dance the Tired clown. I'll post it on my Dance the Tired clown RN page and soundcloud.
In the new year, I'll go back in the studio to work on another song called "I going to Kentucky". It's a song dedicated to my friend Kim Weathers who died in 2004.
I have also been busy with the protests at Georgia Regents University Dental School in the past month. If you are not aware of our problem please google "GRU Dental School" or "Shy Guy Video" . The short answer to our situation is that the GRU Dental School has been apparently abusing dogs in their labs and not following Federal and state law when it comes to procurement and proper treatment of these animals. The National Humane Society joined us in our march on Dec 7, 2013 to protest these conditions.
Hope to see you at the show


M.A.D. Studios Augusta Augusta, GA Wed Dec 17 2014 07:00 PM  
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