Willie and the Hand Factory

Augusta, GA
Rock / garage
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I have a show in two weeks at MAD Studios on Friday September 27, 2013 and I want as may people as possible to show up. But really, why should you spend $5.00 to see me? You have so many other things to do like go to the mountains, wash the dog, and play Candy Crush Saga. I've been sitting here with tickets in my hand for a few weeks thinking about calling some friends to sell some tickets but really afraid I'll get the old " The dog needs washing " routine. I don't want you come because you're supposed to be friend of mine and you feel obligated.  I want you to come because you WANT to come. And we get back to that nagging question " Why come?"

 Some of you may be there because I used to be in The Fungos and I wrote ALL of the music for that band. Some people don't even know who the Fungos were and are struggling with the question. Some of you know I am now in The Ernest T. Bastards although in a much different role than before. Change is good believe me! Some people know I am in Willie and the Hand Factory and have written a great deal of the songs I'll play on the 27th in that band. Some people may know that I used to write for Flagpole and Slam magazines in Athens- doing mostly music critique. Some people know I also busk and did that regularly in Athens , Augusta and other cities. Willie and the Hand Factory did some busking in downtown Augusta and had some good nights down there!
Did you know I  play ragtime guitar? I not an expert yet but I do some rags well enough to be recognized and enjoyed. I may throw a rag or two in the mix on the 27th.
Some people who have seen my shows might have the impression I'm some pale Bob Dylan wanna be. Fair enough criticism- I am working diligently on that and learning how to channel my inner Bobness. I think a little goes a long way sometimes- be patient I'm a work in progress.
When you come to my shows- I want you to see flashes of where I've been and the trail it took to get here. You might hear shades of Bob Dylan, The Clash, Johnny Cash, Hank Williams, Tom Waits because they were all along the way to where I'm going.


"This year, in honor of Bob Dylan’s 69th birthday, Bill Scoggins organized an inaugural event to celebrate the artist’s influence on American culture: Bobfest. “I’ve been having this idea bounce around in my head for a long time to do this [in Augusta],” he said. “I finally decided to go ahead and jump in with both feet this year.” Scoggins drafted folk duo Taliaferro Slim & Eddie Bo-Rat and Athens’ Dis-Taster to give their take on the tunes that made Dylan a legend, as well as his own band Willie & The Hand Factory. "  Alice Wynn, Metro Spirit


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