Jim Patton & Sherry Brokus

Who: Jim Patton & Sherry Brokus
When: Mon Feb 18 2013 @ 07:00 PM
Where: Brewer's Alley, Frederick, MD

We'll be in Frederick next Monday evening at Brewer's Alley, 124 N. Market St., upstairs as part of the Frederick Acoustic Music Enterprises Songwriter Showcase. The show begins with piano at 7:30, and we're the featured act, playing about a 45 min. set beginning around 9:00. It's a fun show, so much so that when we're in the area, we go play a three song 'cameo' even if we're not the featured act. Good food, and Rod, Ron, & Todd are excellent and talented hosts, doing a real good thing for songwriters in the area. Come see us. Last time we were there, we had 3 percussionists, Jim on guitar, and Rod on 'ghost harmonica', an unusual lineup for us, to say the least, but it worked. See you there. J&S

"Over the years, the couple have put out four albums, but while they were well received, in retrospect they were all leading up to the fifth, on which the duo rises to whole new levels. This is the best sounding of their albums. The ten originals are by far the best material they’ve recorded." — John Conquest, Third Coast Music

"“..proof that spousal harmonies can rival the sibling kind when the voices are right..”" — Mary Battiata, Third Coast Music Magazine

"“Patton has improbably deepened and broadened his art. For his new album with his wife and longtime musical partner Sherry Brokus, The Great Unknown, Patton has crafted 10 new songs that do more than explain himself to his listeners; these songs explain those listeners to themselves.”" — Geoffrey Himes, Washington Post music writer, Liner Notes

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