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Greetings friends and fans,
I am very pleased and honored to have been asked to compose a piece for the purpose of promoting the noble efforts of my friend  

~Samurai Spain~ who has devoted his life to the task of imparting the great wisdom

and philosophies of the Bushido Code, and all that is contained in the works of;

O'Sensei Morihei Ueshiba

Founder and father of Aikido. 

Samura Spain, devotes himself to the noble cause of instilling these tenets in the hearts and minds of all with whom he crosses paths, though specifically he is famed for his tremendous success with the innocence of youth. 

His success in helping to instill the foundation elements of Aikido, "The Way of Harmonious Spirit" are widely praised and respected throughout the world, and his efforts are key to helping to spread these ideals to the new generations of our youth, that they may grow and flourish throughout humanity for time immemorial as O'Sensei, 'The Great Teacher' would wish it. 

It is a cause that is most worthy of support and one which promises rich rewards for all who embrace it.

Together; Samura Spain, and all of the children of O'Sensei strive to make this world a better place. 

In respect of this great work, I am hard pressed to imagine a better way to effect the changes we so desperately need to embrace one another in peace and love, the very foundations of these philosophies.

Please visit the links I have provided to Samura Spain's pages, bear witness to the nobility of this cause, and share in the enrichment of his life's work.

A video release to compliment this composition is currently in production, and should be unveiled soon. 

Thank you for your consideration and support! By purchasing a copy of this production, (at just $1.29) 100% of the proceeds will be split between supporting the efforts of Samura Spain's teachings, and my own effort in supporting the

'Half the Sky Movement', a charity of innumerable separate and distinct efforts, to help oppressed women of many different cultures across the world. 

Domo Arrigato! Peace, Love and Respect to all. Please like and share liberally. Any support of our respective and various media presences is greatly appreciated.


Will Moquin - Tenebris Vera 
お元気で, ごきげんよう(別れの言葉) 

Click here to visit Samurai Spain's official Facebook page and to view some of Samurai Spain's beautiful videos, and support him here on Fandalism.

"Take a trip into the Unknown. Fill your soul with the strangeness of this music. Like a portal to the darkest regions of your mind. You will be entranced by the darksounds of Tenebris Vera. The beats and sounds will take your soul into realms you never knew could exist. Briliant..." — Rui de Freitas - "The Silence" ; ReverbNation Artist, ReverbNation

"Superbly crafted sound sculptures yielding subconscious freeform audio landscapes seen for miles, in all directions. Awesome -R" — Roth - ReverbNation Artist, ReverbNation

"All tracks of your page are amazing but Reverie Echoes is very complete and eloquent i like it very much. Congrats, you are great musician. Viva la MUSICA ELECTRONICA!!!!!! -Atenor  — Artist -Atenor, - ReverbNation

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