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NEWSLETTER – 01 – 2013



Last January 12 -2013, The band has been joined on stage by some athletes of the RWA during their show at Jailbreak Club in Rome - EXTREMA  song " THE WORLD DECLINE" has been chosen as music theme for the TV Show EPW (European Pro Wrestling) Overload. The show will be Broadcastin 12 episodes from February untill April 2013 on GXT and GXT + Sky Italia channells 146 & 147 .

Watch the video : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQhZ2npKimA 





Some days ago has been released the videoclip of the song "My Misery", 4th official videoclip fom the EXTREMA last studio album "Pound for Pound" –  The song has been chosen for the soundtrack of the Horror/Western Movie "A PEZZI - UNDEAD MEN" by Directors Alessia Digiovanni and Daniele Statella. The Movie to be release nex february 11th 2013 is an Independent Production by CREATIVECOMICS.

Please note Tommy Massara, EXTREMA guitar player, play a small role, the Gravedigger/Philosopher/Zombie WOODY.





WATCH THE VIDEOCLIP HERE: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3sLoY6psiOU

WATCH THE MOVIE TRAILER HERE: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vaI29ef1SfY


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"T hese prolific heavy metal loving, attitude-driven guys hail from Italy. Prolific because they present their sixth studio album, plus they have a live album and a double DVD celebrating at that stage of their career, their 20th birthday. Since releasing an E.P. back in 1987, Extrema have unleashed all manner of brutality inspired by events from around the world. In this case with The Seed of Foolishness, they were motivated by the recent mess that unfolded with our worldly economic crisis. The words ‘Thrash’ and ‘Metal’ both spring to mind once you set this long player to run. Pyre of Fire and opener Between The Lines both deliver a hasty pace and urgency with razor-sharp riffs accompanying the very competent vocal display from Gianluca ”GL” Perotti. Bones finishes with a high-pitched sustained note, and then the rampaging The Distance maintains the ebb and flow of what The Seed of Foolishness is all about. Unlike their previous studio outing, Pound For Pound, there"  Gary Clarke, Screamer Magazine

"Being led into thinking that "The Seed of Foolishness" is an album governed by nothing but the thrash etiquette is the ultimate way to get Punk'd. I'm not saying that to a point where the record steers entirely clear from the general 'tude and metalosophy of the genre (towards gay lands ruled by dragons and harp players) but I'm still adamant about the fact that you gotta gear up for one heck of a flurry of genres punching you in the eye with a nice spiked set of rings on each finger. EXTREMA flip their bird way fucking high with this sixth release of theirs, and honestly, I never expected it was possible to mesh the straight-forward southern-coated, rampant Signature Dime groovery with fairly accessible, hooky, clean choruses, since I was brought into this world and existence. Well, those dudes do it in a jiffy and they don't fucking aim their guns to the ground for sure. Ultimately, I would say half of the tracklist is actually rooted in modern, staccato, flame-throwing thrash galore"  Noch, The Daily Stab

"My thrash itch needs scratching every now and then, but damned if Extrema didn't come along and do it wearing a sandpaper glove by way of their new masterpiece, The Seed of Foolishness. Admittedly, I feel a little sheepish saying that I've never heard of this band considering the fact that they've been around over 25 years. Perhaps their relentless touring is why they have so few albums out, but if this is the kind of material they've been making for a quarter of a century, it's crazy that they aren't more widely known. The Seed of Foolishness is only the band's sixth studio album, but they've clearly been honing their craft to a razor's edge. Their thrash opus screams with moral outrage in all of its crunchy metal fury at the evils of modern society - particularly about the well-worn subject of government malfeasance. And I can't stress enough my satisfaction in the delightfully heavy rhythyms reminiscient of 80s era thrash legends like Testament or Anthrax. Toss in the occasional B"  Genghis, The Right To Rock


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