Thy Catafalque

Edinburgh, UK
Metal / Avantgarde / Experimental
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Only in Hungarian this time.


A Thy Catafalque csak magyar vásárlóknak szánt tripla félárú vinyl-akciója a Blood Musicnál október 23-án, 16 órakor indul. Elég kevés lemez maradt, akit érdekel, íratkozzon fel.

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Róka Hasa Rádió
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"Thy Catafalque manage the impossible. No one can maintain an atmosphere composed of such earth-crushing heaviness, such vibrant textural earthiness, and such a range of timbre like Thy Catafalque. Even the lyrics contribute to the album's massive, ancient atmosphere. I didn't imagine an endeavor like this was possible before I heard it. But Thy Catafalque doesn't just maintain that atmosphere on Rengeteg; they mold it into brilliant structure after brilliant structure. The grace with which the compositions dance around while maintaining their astonishingly heavy and organic atmosphere is astounding. The music weaves back and forth between deeply moving post-black metal progressions driven by 50-megaton blast beats and an eclectic range of industrial, rock, and folk, all the while maintaining that impossible atmosphere. Renegeteg contains some of the heaviest moments of music that I've ever encountered yet doesn't dwell on them like many bands do..."  Earendil, Metal Music Archives

"There's something to be said for a metal band that manages to find an original sound. Even in the so-called avant-garde metal style, a listener is bound to find scores of artists pulling out the same 'weird' cliches, without necessarily doing something fresh with them. First hearing Thy Catafalque and the work of Tamás Kátai through his more death metal-oriented project Gire, it was clear to me from the start that there was something sincerely 'out there' about this music. On "Rengeteg", fans of this Hungarian act's previous work will get what they expect: a viciously eclectic dose of strange folk melodies, industrial percussion, and plenty of synthesized goodness. It's not a taste for everyone, but "Rengeteg" is one of the most interesting musical experiences I've heard in recent times."  Conor Fynes, Prog Archives

"Rengeteg is this year's winners of the To Mega Therion award for "I don't know what the hell I'm listening to but I freaking love it!" Highly experimental, but still firmly rooted in the metal sound (in other words, there's enough heavy riffs, fast drumming, and emphatic vocals to remind you what genre you're actually listening to), Thy Catafalque manage to blend black metal, avant-garde, folk, death metal, prog, ambient, and electronic into one tightly-delivered and mesmerizing package."  Metal Joe, Metal Joe's Hail And Kill Heavy Metal HQ


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