Noise Level

London, ON, CA
Electronica / Dub Reggae & Dubstep / Ambient & Home Listening
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Hi Friends

Fans can now vote for CHRW`s Local Album of the Year. Please show some love to either EKM, which has had a phenomenal year on the local charts, or Noise Level, which charted right across Canada this past summer. Huge thanks in advance for love and attention. See you at The APK on Feb. 6th!

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"Dub Knowledge presents London sonic electrician Ed Matthews (knowingly or unknowingly) at a familiar crossroads for many artists: pursue the commercial/popular or follow the road less travelled? The record shows Matthews continuing to explore more sophisticated new territory with forays into dub-derived scenarios and sometimes foreboding ambient sound paintings. But this listener’s ears locked right onto the album’s third track, ‘Jetstreams,’ a truly beautiful marriage of wistful human voice and spaciously recorded electronic wash and its follow-up ‘Lift Me (The Story’s Been Told)’ that recalled the more sublime moments from early-period Zero 7. Both compositions are head and shoulders above their companions here and clearly indicate what could be done at the meeting point between the human heart and well deployed wave forms. Stay tuned. – Rod Nicholson > Performance: B+/Production: B+"  Rod Nicholson, Scene Magazine

"This latest chapter in the Noise Level saga/musical journey finds London, Ontario sound-painter Ed Matthews taking himself and the listener on a whirlwind tour of some of the sonic images working their way through his creative consciousness. The album is aptly titled as he explores the interzone where ambient dub, electro and progressive dance music meets. The old saw about practice making perfect is in full effect here as anyone who’s been following Matthews’ progress will note that his compositional touch and way with rhythms are becoming increasingly sophisticated and emotionally involving. This ‘human touch’ element makes Soaked In Dub an enjoyable world-class listen on a purely entertainment level and a major step forward stylistically and creatively for Matthews and the Noise Level project. – Rod Nicholson Performance: A/Production: B+"  Rod Nicholson, Scene Magazine

"London Free Press Top 10 Albums of the Year. No. 6. NOISE LEVEL - Body. Meanwhile back in the interstellar overdrive universe, Noise Level has turned the edge dial it up a notch or three. Crunchier, in a good way, than other Noise Level works — but it still has the tranquil going. Stop off at Cafe Flesh and then double back to Enforcers (Are Never Wrong). Just move however and wherever and whenever that pulse prods you."  James Reaney, London Free Press


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