gods joke

check out the new song alison dies from our upcoming album man plans god laughs.

we will be taking a break from playing live for a few months but keep on the look out for new tracks that will be out soon. 

" - live recomendation. - One of the Dreamworld bands is basically a male solo project to which various young women often contribute lead vocals and is recommended for not only being occasionally fronted by attractive chicas but also for having a singular sound. Gods Joke’s songs, all written by Arlingtonian Dennis Berry, alternate between sturdy New Wave and mod-rock: liquidy, synth’d e-guitar progressions + melodic explosions = decent-cy. "  — Anthony Mariani, blotch
" Photo by Rania Khoury gods joke is a band from Arlington that has been around for several years. There's only one original member left, Dennis Berry, who is now the lead singer and quite the firecracker. Though the band is made up of just three members, they have a big sound. They also have a girl bassist, Skye Cormack, which made the band stand out from the rest of the bands playing on Friday. The instrumental breakdowns were great and front man Berry knew exactly how to work the small stage -- like when he gave us fun pop culture references to chew on, like mocking Lady Gaga’s meat dress and making fun of Kesha’s “Your Love is my Drug” during their song “Suffocate.” Their sound reminded us of At The Drive-in in their EP Vaya. "  — Rania Khoury, pegasus news
"Gods Joke is an Arlington power trio that harkens back to Australia’s Hard-ons as well as Red-era King Crimson, delivering jams of shifting tempos, cluttered arrangements, and psychedelic pomp –– but with some candy-coated snarling for good measure. Overall, for every 10 minutes of pure power, there’s some quiet time, creating a well-balanced listen. God’s Joke: Punks crossing the bridge to pop that Robert Fripp built. And in Arlington. Who woulda thunk it? –– Justin Press "  — justin press, fort worth weekly
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