30 Dirty Thoughts

EXCITING NEWS! Our FIRST live performance for 2012 has been scheduled on FEBRUARY 20TH in Los Angeles! If you are fortunate enough to be near the area, Howl at the Moon Hollywood at Universal CityWalk Hollywood will be hosting a rock event and we will be performing a 'special engagement' that night! This will be the FIRST opportunity to get a glimpse of our new lineup in action! We're looking forward to a KILLER show...so...for all you local fans...COME ONE, COME ALL who are OVER 21, it's gonna be an AMAZING NIGHT!


Tickets are sold at the door and are only $5.


We've created a Facebook event to RSVP and for any further updates here:




You can also get regular updates and comedic material from our page here:





Hope to see you there!


Ian & the rest of the 30 Dirty Thoughts crew


Hard Times
"Over the years, most punk bands have moved away from the anti-authoritarian themes and lighter comedic lyrics, but 30 Dirty Thoughts has stayed true to its’ punk roots writing hilarious songs such as “Jenny Got Busted,” “Auto-Tune This! Singing Like a Douchebag,” and “OMGWTFBBQ911.” They even have (gasp!) a song that may or may not be critical of the government, called “Love In The Time of Recession.” Says Kelk, “Jenny Got Busted [a song about a friend getting breast implants] was about a real situation. I walked into a bar to meet my old friend and I literally didn’t recognize her. I mean I saw her, but is that what I look at? Am I that guy? ...She ended up playing the song at her wedding reception and her new husband pretended to take a swing at me.” Their album “Hard Times” is pop punk that reaches back to punk’s comedic roots. And unlike the kind of roots that need color or bleach every four to six weeks, these are nice to see."  — Nicole Hanratty, Life of a Rock Star™
"There’s a band in L.A. that is earnest about keeping up what it describes as “punk infused awesomeness,” and “30 Dirty Thoughts” lives up to its word. I remember living in New York when CBGB-OMFUG opened in the lower East Side and punk, what with The Ramones and The Patti Smith Group, seemed like audio anarchy though I got it about addressing social issues. These guys keep punk tradition proud as they let loose straight-ahead raw energy coursing through frantic vocal chords, arms and limbs. They got the chops, and the audio tech smarts, to be one of the top ranked bands in their genre. And they are very clever too. Can you think of anyone else who has written a love song for the Great Recession?"  — Deke Donovan, Deke Donovan's Power Performers of Music
"For six weeks, garbage piled up in Toronto parks and arenas, was strewn by the curbside and even left to rot in the middle of the road. Most people were disgusted, some were outraged. One Torontonian was so angry he highlighted the plight of the city in a song. He even shot a video and posted it on YouTube."  — Raveena Aulakh, The Toronto Star
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