Running Late
Madison, NJ  |  Alternative / Alternative Rock / Pop Rock
Members: Noah Giglio - Guitar, John Hall - Saxophone, Mark Spelker - Drums, Alex Fillimon - Cello, Mike Hall - Bass, Chris Ruzicka - Electric Guitar

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Dear Fans!


Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and got a chance to spend some time with some friends and family! Everyone in the band enjoyed some down time during Thanksgiving. I know I did.  With everything that's been going on with "Stay Awake," our interview with WRCN, and our next Stone Pony gig, a Thanksgiving break was much needed.


Oh wait, did I just say our next Stone Pony gig?? 


You've all read that correctly. We will be playing at The Stone Pony on Friday December 7th!! This show is going to be great because we'll be opening for Eve 6 and Everclear!!! How insane is that??? We should be getting the tickets for that very soon, so we'll let you know the exact details (ticket cost, set time, etc.).


Also, we have just been endorsed by TB&TB Clothing Company! We will finally have some Running Late shirts very soon. It would be great if the shirts came in by the 7th, so keep your fingers crossed. If we get them by then, we'll be sure to set up a merchandise stand to sell them. We'll keep you all updated on when we get the shirts.


"Stay Awake" has become our most popular song yet! In over a week, it's gotten over 150 Facebook likes and has greatly increased our fanbase. Due to the success of the song, we think that we're going to keep creating more high-energy songs. It has a more alternative rock sound, and it is more consistent in today's rock genre. We're proud that we've created this song, and we'll be sure to come out with a new EP including "Stay Awake!"


Anyway, that's all for this week. Again we'll let you know more details regarding the Pony!


Catch you guys later,




"Six Madison residents who comprise the band Running Late are slated to play the Stone Pony in Asbury Park on Friday with a band they grew up listening to—Third Eye Blind." — Jake Remaly, The Madison Patch

"Running Late is at their best on uptempo numbers, where their funk and jazz influences shine while still melding with their overall 90s vibe." — 'Round Magazine

" I couldn't help but put my favorite new tune from one of our new members at No.1! It's got groove, Its got rhythm, and its not just your vanilla song with a nice breakdown. Check the tune out here on Stage, at No.1 we have Running Late with "Get in Line". " — Michael,

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