Parchman Farm

Hello Friends,


We have a situation on our hands and we need your help! 


A slick DJ from Louisville is all that stands between us and winning the August heat for the Buffalo Trace Bourbon Battle of the Bands.   Usually we do not do these battle of the bands contests and wouldn't trouble you with such requests but for Buffalo Trace Bourbon we could not resist since it's our favorite Bourbon. 


If you would please go to the link below, simply log in with your Facebook account, and vote us 5 shots of Bourbon we would be very thankful indeed.   You will love their website anyway, its full of great drink and food recipes and they are also hosting the Bourbon Babes Contest which I am sure at least a few of you will participate in voting in.  


Please click this link and give us a needed hand:


Please remember while you are on our voting page, you can download four of our mp3's for free in mp3 format.   Please help yourself to them I sure hope you enjoy them.  


Thank you! 


Tim, Nate, Codiann, & Rory




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