Junkyard Academy
Rock / Energetic Rock / Outright, energetic, straight-forward, in your fac
Members: Lewis Nowosad (Lead Vox/ Rhythm Guitar), Auditioning for: Bassist/Backing Vox , Lead Guitar/Backing Vox and Drums/Backing Vox

Greetings from the staff,

...Originally, we were going to have the subject line read 'Enroll now and receive a FREE MP3', but it looked so much like spam, even *I* would delete it without reading it, but.....it's kinda the vibe we're sending out here...

So if ya' hit our Twitter page below, retweet our 'Enroll and Retweet' status and then hit the link found in the Twitter header that takes you to our Enrollment page, and of course...heh...ENROLL there, we'll send you the song!

---> Here's that Twitter link; 

Have a safe and happy Halloween!

Your friends here at the 'GRAVEyard' Academy


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