Junkyard Academy
Rock / Energetic Rock / Outright, energetic, straight-forward, in your fac
Members: Lewis Nowosad (Lead Vox/ Rhythm Guitar), Auditioning for: Bassist/Backing Vox , Lead Guitar/Backing Vox and Drums/Backing Vox

(Just a quick one for ya' this time, folks)

Junkyard Academy's front man, Lewis Nowosad made it on an edition of
The Finch Files!
This happened quite unexpectedly while he was in attendance at the 16th annual Sunset Sessions in San Francisco, CA! In addition to this, we were approached by some awesome industry professionals and it seems we're getting radio play in Ohio! 
(One down a gazillion to go...) 
While you're listening to the finch files, why not head on over to the band's page on Facebook page and show us your school spirit!  If you already have, tell a friend!
Many more things are happening for the band and we promise not to be so tardy about it in the future.
Junkyard Academy <--- class is in session ;)


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