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"After several listens, I feel like I hear a lot in Alive. From a musicality standpoint, any of the ballads could easily have made the cut for Alice In Chains’ Jar Of Flies. At other points, I hear elements of radio-friendly Rock the likes of Puddles of Mudd or Staind. And at others, I hear raucous Rock the likes of Saliva, without the “high energy/low IQ” of some of their tracks (Irick’s lyrics strike me as more dense, weighty and significant than Scott’s). In terms of debut albums, this has all the necessary facets to warrant a good first impression: tight instrumentation, proper arrangement and vast musicality are always good feet to put forward on your first time out." — Chris West, Her Bed of Thorns, Alive

"I review books and music, I love what I do! It kicks ass for many reasons but you know what I love about reviewing the most? That pivotal moment when you realize that you just stumbled on your next favorite band that is going to be a permanent part of your MP3 rotation. Well…Her Bed of Thorns debut CD Alive is one of those gems. — Stephanie Q. McGrath, ultimatelocalmusic.com

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