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 Hey friends,

   Just letting you know that our new single, "The Son of Rock 'n' Roll" will be available for FREE download on Valentine's Day here at  Check out our entire 19 song catalog until then!  Thanks for the support.  


See you soon,



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"Vandevander rocks. It says so on his Facebook page. That is 100% accurate in description. The Wicked Dance is an amazing song. Imagine what you would get if you took the edgiest White Stripes song, let's say Ball and Biscuit, and a down and dirty Led Zeppelin blues jam, I don't know, maybe Custard Pie or The Lemon Song, for instance, placed them in a super-collider and played the deliverable. The whole would inevitably be greater than the sum of it's parts. That's The Wicked Dance. It is a truly amazing, borderline genius rock song. If you are looking for a true representation of hard rock music, the legendary stuff that made critics like Lester Bangs CREEM in reverent fanaticism, a song to kick sand in the face of the saccharin music that poses as hard rock these days, this is it. This is the heat. This is the fury. Vandevander rocks. No lie."  The Jive Wired Journal


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