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 Hey !


I just wanted to let you know that I'm attempting to put together a music collection of varied genres that will be given away for free at this year's MegaCon in Florida.  This is an opportunity, I think, for all artists to get their names out to people that might not yet have heard of them.

To be clear, this is NOT a RevebNation sponsored project- This is my own and I'm personally inviting you to be a part of it.  The target audience here are movie buffs, comicbook fans, and a wide assortment of legitimately well known individuals throughout the world of fiction, movies, etc. 


The manner in which I'll be going about this is simple: 


One song from a given artist will be chosen to appear on the album.

That album is going to be given away for free by Con Artist Entertainment, a multi-faceted company with numerous podcasts, movies, comic books, and blogs.  Con Artist has graciously agreed to promote the collection album in the weeks prior to MegaCon, meaning further exposure for artists.

A total of twenty hardcopy albums, with digital copy download codes, will be given as "door prizes" throughout the convention.  Digital copies, available on Con Artist's own website, will be given out to visitors to the booth in the form of cards with the download address.

Each hardcopy album will have full credit and contact information for all featured artists.

Each digital copy will be tagged with credit and contact information on a per song level- For instance, the track by yours truly will have my contact info and credit, while a song by Other Talented Artist will have theirs.



The additional plus side to this is that we will all be able to promote this project to our fans as well, and send them to the digital download, whether or not they are at MegaCon.  The end result is one of benefit to all parties involved: Con Artist sees more traffic; we see more fans and increased recognition; and their MegaCon appearance is a hit.  This is not something that has ever been done before, to our knowledge, so the opportunity is golden.



Please respond at your earliest convenience with your interest or lack thereof.  I really appreciate it, !




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"...keep a close watch on R.E.T.S., who is still hard at work in studio. His new album, 'Graveyard Prophet,' will be released by the end of the summer, and the first single, "Westboro," has already been generating attention!"  Flesh & Blood Productions, "Growing Pains"

"Check out the artist R.E.T.S. Seriously. I just cruised by his profile on ReverbNation, and WOW! The guy is intelligent, his lyrics make you think, the music is amazing… All in all, this dude makes a lot of other rap artists look unconcerned and greedy- Not to mention untalented. So seriously- Check this cat out."  J.K. Blogling, Home of the Blogling

"I listen to your music, and I feel like I'm gaining brain cells instead of losing them. Your songs are actually about something, they have a message, and I find that lacking in music today."  Jim, Documentary Producer


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