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Hello there friends.  I know some of you may not even be a member of, or even supportive of, the Tea Party movement - but I also know that many of you are.  Therefore, I wanted to share with you my latest column that was just published and is my message about the need to unite to stop Obama's radical agenda dead in its tracks.

I hope you enjoy the read!


My late momma taught my siblings and I to never put family business in the street. However, my Tea Party family must deal with this issue if we are to accomplish our mission to halt Obama's tyranny and transformation of America into his socialist/progressive dream. The issue of which I speak is unity.



Early in our Tea Party movement four years ago, I was shocked to encounter turf wars and various selfish agendas. The people, the patriots who invest time and money for the movement, are not the problem. I am talking about some in leadership positions.

A major Tea Party website banned me from posting because I mentioned another Tea Party group. I thought, aren't we all on the same team? I quickly learned that we were not. Some opportunists joined the Tea Party simply because it was the hot new thing.

Then there are the single issue folks. If your Tea Party group does not channel all of it's efforts to the issue of which I am most passionate, I quit!

Let us not forget the doom and gloom folks. Their emails are as followed, “Lloyd you are an idiot for even trying to make a difference. Both parties are hopelessly corrupt.” No one, I repeat, no one can foresee the future well enough to be completely fatalistic. Numerous times in my life, when all hope appeared to be lost, God intervened. Thus, I have learned to move forward always attempting to do the right thing and deliver my best at whatever God has put in front of me to do.

The Bible says,“One can put a thousand to flight, two can put ten thousand to flight.” (Deuteronomy 32:30) In other words, our efforts are greatly increased when we work together.

Round one of the battle to restore America is over - Socialism won via Obama's reelection. As we enter round two, it is more crucial than ever that we put aside pettiness and selfishness. We must come together to save the greatest nation on the planet. Am I talking about sacrificing core beliefs? Absolutely not.

Patriots, there will always be issues on which we disagree. Such is human nature. Someone said if you find a perfect church, please do not join it because you will mess it up. I am simply asking that we be more diligent in finding common ground – areas in which we do agree and work together for the greater good.
Ronald Reagan said, “There is no limit to what you can accomplish if you don't care who gets the credit.” Patriots, I do not care who gets the credit. I just want to see stronger opposition to Obama's agenda.

Obama and company are destroying our country folks. America can not survive with us fighting about who gets to sit on the front row.  Please do not think that I am being Mr High & Mighty preaching to you. In my youth, I made the mistake of making certain situations about me resulting in embarrassing consequences. When you come to a situation thinking, how can I help, and how can I make a positive difference, good things happen for all involved.

Brothers and sisters, the battle is much, much bigger than us. America, freedom and liberty are at stake.  Someone should organize Tea Party Unity rallies – groups across America coming together showing solidarity in our shared mission to restore America.

Do not allow one group to hog the stage – each Tea Party group should be equally represented. Do not allow an ego driven long winded knucklehead speaker who is disrespectful of their allotted time assignment to hijack the rally. The rallies must be about serving the attendees and not about individual egos or agendas. We can no longer waste time, energy and resources on such selfish nonsense.

Every time the Obama media hears negative news and in-fighting in the Tea Party, they have an orgasm. Since our inception, Obama's media has tried to portray white Tea Party members as redneck racists against a black president and black members such as I as Uncle Tom sellouts.

Karl Rove recently revealed that the Tea Party is also in the cross-hairs of the GOP.

So brothers and sisters, it is our patriotic duty to be on our best behavior. Cease in-fighting and come together focused on achieving our divinely inspired common goal of restoring America back to the vision of our Founding Fathers and the Constitution.

If we, the Tea Party, do not save America, no one will. God Bless.

Lloyd Marcus, Proud Unhyphenated American
Chairman, Conservative Campaign Committee

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"Marcus, a widely known local musician whose star rose during some of the recent Tea Party Express tours, described one of the recent trials in a December blog post. The center -- which has recording studios, a stage and a concept for a cafe that features performers -- was behind in its mortgage. About 9 one night, he got a call at home about the toilet overflowing. He trudged to the center, mop, bucket and shop-vac in tow, and cleaned up the mess. But while there, he was invited to join an ongoing musical recording session and asked to sing along. "The vibe of the recording session was awesome; warm, friendly and cheerful with much laughing, joking and everyone having a great time," Marcus wrote. "Suddenly, it dawned on me, this is what the arts center is all about.""  Mark Harper, News Journal, Daytona Beach

"It is truly unfortunate that some on our side are so easily put on the defensive. NAACP President Ben Jealous slandered millions of decent Tea Party patriots by saying we tolerate racists' signs. We do not. Not one liberal mainstream media outlet demand that Jealous produce the "Lynch Barack Obama" and "Lynch Eric Holder" signs he claimed to have seen. Thus, the liberal media are saying these violent racist signs exist and the tea partiers are guilty simply because Jealous says so."  Lloyd Marcus, AmericanThinker.com

": The TeaParty Movement, The Democrat Party, Racism and Incitement! Apr 11, 2010 "I first met Lloyd Marcus in 2008. He told me about his life, and how living in the first government housing projects impacted his family and the black community there. It was the story of how big government’s attempt to eradicate poverty collided with the 1960s narco-sexual liberation movement to create a disastrous nightmare for black families. ....Lloyd Marcus is a wonderful singer and talented painter. He grew up in the projects of East Baltimore. The tragedies he saw there as a child made him realize that Great Society projects and welfare destroy people’s lives and their communities. Marcus’ drift toward the right of the political spectrum began when he was about 10 years old...""  EL MARCO, Looking At The Left:The TeaParty Movement,The Democrat Party,Racism & Incitement


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