Thurs, Nov. 7, 2013
2:27 pm

Dear Reverb Fans:

we all have a story.

my story is about following your passion
because you can't do anything else.
Even if it’s once a week or once a year,
do something you love.

I did that last year
I made my own version of a soul record. 

It's called Muddy Water and it was inspired by people like Van Morrison, Solomon Burke, Stevie Wonder, Bob Dylan, Curtis Mayfield and Bill Withers among many others, and I think you'll like it. Free!

Here's the link--

I'm just a kid out here doing my best to get some tunes to some people who might dig em.  I have no dreams of being the next "American Idol." I had a song on Grey’s Anatomy a few years ago and that was cool.

Now I want to connect and get inspired with some of you people.

By listening and sharing music with your friends you are making it part of your life. You are appreciating it. And when you APPRECIATE anything in life, you MAKE IT MORE VALUABLE. Just listening is enough! So thanks for that!

Here’s that link again to my free album Muddy Water. I am proud of it and I think you’ll really like it.


Carey Ott
Velvet Shoreline Studios, Nashville, TN

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