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San Francisco, CA
Alternative / Electro / Goth Punk
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 Hey ,

What's the latest in your world? Hope you had a good holiday season. Things were pretty mellow on this end. So hey I wanted to let you know about some things coming up for The Bleeder Project here this week you might be interested in.



On Wednesday night 1/16 8pm pacific time (that 11 east coast)

The Bleeder Project LIVE ON AIR

Returning to the Unbound Sound Show on FCC Free Radio. Broadcasting live on the air waves here in the bay area and WORLD WIDE, ON THE WEB!

Tune in at at 8pm for Live acoustic versions of some Bleeder classics and all the latest from the trenches. INCLUDING...WHAT REALLY HAPPENED IN SAN JOSE!!!! Total band implosion mid show, screaming obscenitites TOTAL BAND BREAK UP BEFORE THE PACKED HOUSE! Who did what? Why did it happen? What happens next? 

Tune in to the Unbound Sound Show Wednesday night at 8pm pacific to find out all the sorrid details




LIVE 1/19 at the 9 LIves Club in Gilroy CA

The Bleeder Project

w/ Flesh Weapon

and Focho

No crazy ego maniacs in the band this time! hahah as fun as it was THIS TIME YOU GET THE SHOW YOU CAME FOR!!!!!!!!

CONTACT THE BLEEDER PROJECT for reduced price tickets, Or just buy them at the door 

We'll have ALL NEW MERCHANDISE for those of you who wanna show your a Bleeder in this world too. And don't forget your ticket will get you half off all merch on the night! 


and LAST...


I'm excited to say that production has begun on the video for 'RAINING WALLS (of Silence)' and this one takes a darker turn to match the darker moods that have been in the air in recent months. I'm expecting a release date of some time in February so keep your eyes peeled for that. 


OK, That's the news, Be sure to share all things Bleeder with your friends and help us spread the word. The best way to do that is to show your support by picking up a t-shirt or any of the other great bleeder materials we've got available. Your support is everything. 


Oh one last thing I'm working on a special rewards program for folks on the email list. If anyone is willing to volunteer to answer a few questions about what would be worth while to you in return for a small monthly membership, Let me know. I'd really like to make it something special. Your feedback is every bit as important as your continued support! : )


Thanks for taking the time to catch up

Cheers and all the best

Gabriel Scott

The Bleeder Project

Toystaar Entertainment


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"The songwriting is great. For an industrial release this is one of the best written releases I have heard in a long while. The performances are exceptional."  Mark Carras, Rock My Monkey

"socially conscious, threatening, subversive, and always aware of a groove. It's a solid record that really doesn't falter at any point."  Paul Pop, First Coast News

"I have not heard an artist with so much potential since I first heard a cd called Pretty Hate Machine in the very early 90's"  Mark Carras, Rock My Monkey


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