Mr ReHd

Lagos, NG
Hip Hop / Contemporary / R&B
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Hi, I just want to say a ''Thank You'' to you for supporting my music and being part of my world this past year.You are the shinning star up in my sky when its most dark,I truly appreciate you from the bottome of my heart.


This year 2013 I'm going to be releasing some really special music.These songs have to do with my personal experiences in Life. I promise you its going to be an eye opener into the person you know as Mr ReHd.More than anything the music is going to be better,and with your help it will break through into the mainstream music industry.


Thank you once again for being there for me.

Lots of love.


"Currently disturbing the air waves is money song “Sanusi/Oil money” by Poet cum Rapper, Mr Rehd. Now why are we particularly interested in this song? Fact is, it’s a departure from the popular thematic focus of “shaking booties” and “popping champagne” that has become the mantra of most Naija dance songs. Sanusi, while it’s a dance track that can make you loose your high heeled peep toes or even fray your cute Nike snickers, still finds an interesting way to pass a message – Seize the moment, celebrate our culture."  Chidi Ugbe, The Emerge Review

"ReHD is extremely talented and the beautiful thing about him is that he has faith and believes in his music.. Know him,listen to his music and go places with him.."  Chacha's Corner

"If you ever begin to see Sanusi all over the place, there’s only one explanation, you’ve got lots of money! The kind that comes from oil… Now every one wants lots of money but what you don’t know is that Sanusi is actually the new slang word for money. Don’t believe it? Listen to this song : SANUSI(OIL MONEY)"  Chid Ugbe, The Emmerge Review


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