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June 2013


I love Founders Brewing Co.  I really do.  I've been an employee at Founders for over 7 years.  When I started we were a small company, about 15 of us.  today the brewery is internationally recognized as one of the best breweries in the world.  We have distribution across half the US, in Europe, Australia and South America.  There are nearly 150 people that work for Founders now and I'm proud to be one of them.  I also play in the FBC All-Stars, which is a supergroup of Founders employees that includes the head brewer, the brew captain, the warehouse manager, the deli manager, the head cellar man, Molly from Blue Molly, and more.  On June 2nd we played our very first road gig and tap takeover at the World Cafe Live in Philadelphia for part of Philly Beer Week.  We rented a tour bus, stayed in a hotel downtown for 2 nights, and played at one of the best venues in Philadelphia.  And Founders put it all on the company's tab.  There were somewhere around 500 people that came to the show to meet the brewers and drink beers that they've only read about on the internet.  During set break I went to the bar to get a beer (Founders Breakfast Stout is my all time favorite beer) and the bartender looked at me in disbelief.  She said "You have the coolest job!  You get to travel around and play in a band and drink free beer all the time and the company pays for it!  You have the best job ever!"  My response, "Yes.  Yes I do.  I have the best job ever."  It's almost unbelievable to think that a business would do such a thing, but the reality is that Founders is a special place.  I love it there.  I'm so busy with music that I only pull 1 bartending shift a week these days, but I'm proud to be a part of such a wonderful organization.  Oh, and the trip to Philly was just a warm up.  The FBC All-Stars are also playing at Founders Fest on June 22.  See you there! And...



June 7 - Grand Rapids Festival of the Arts - 4:45 City Stage - with Clouds

June 8 - Fulton Street Farmers Market - 8am, just me and my guitar

June 9 - Grand Rapids Festival of the Arts - 10:30am - City Stage - Nicholas James and the Bandwagon (special acoustic show)

June 14 - Buttermilk Jamboree -  Nicholas James and the Bandwagon at 7pm

June 22 - Founders Fest *with the FBC All-Stars


Some of you may have been reading these newsletters for years.  Maybe you only read them every once in a while.  Maybe you don't read them at all.  Well, once upon a time you took the time to sign up for this newsletter and I just want you to know I appreciate it.  I read a lot of things on the internet about utilizing your mailing list to maximize you capital and blah, blah, blah.  I'm not trying to sell you anything here.  This newsletter is to keep you informed as to what's happening in my life and with my music.  If you want to, you can unsubscribe anytime by clicking the link below.  If you want to, you can get ahold of me anytime by simply replying to this email.  And if you want to, you can share this email with a friend who likes nice music.  And really, you don't have to do anything at all.  I'll keep writing the songs and playing the shows.  You keep doing what you're doing.  I'll see you when it works for both of us.  Cause that's how friendships work.


And don't forget Founders Open Mic is every Tuesday at 9.  Hosted by yours truly.


Your friend,






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"Nicholas James Thomasma, accompanied by violinist Clouds, showed off his impressive voice as he launched his CD-release show at Founders Brewing."  John Sinkevics, Local Spins

"Nicholas James & The Bandwagon unleash their audience-pleasing, country-infused folk, rock and Americana music"  John SInkevics, Local Spins

"ArtPrize has gotten a little more musical."  Jackie Green, Fox 17 News


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