Dead Meadow

 Hey guys got a final show of our little tour with Matthew J. Tow and Strangers Family Band this evening at Alex's Bar in LBC. Hope any of you that haven't got a chance to check the tour out and are in the area can make it to this. It has been a special week a great deal of fun. Hope to see you all and party with you there.. 

IF for some reason you miss this gig the following night (Feb 22nd) we will be having an "after party" of sorts DJ'ing and hanging at O"Briens pub in Santa Monica with live performances with Matt and Strangers and our friends Opus Orange. Good time for all before the weekend begins..


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"What pops out when Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd shack up and have a hippie love-child? Washington, DC, trio Dead Meadow. And after 12 years and five albums, the band is preparing to release their most ambitious album yet. This March, the psych-rock band will drop Three Kings, a full-length concert movie and accompanying soundtrack. Below, listen to an exclusive stream of album cut "To the One." The new song layers airy, echoing vocals over a loose bass groove and singer/guitarist Jason Simon's distorted axe riffs and wah-wah pedal effects, which ooze early '70s psych-rock power and experimentalism -- spacey atmospherics included!"  — Tim Herrera, Spin
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