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Someone asked us the other day why we decided to do a KickStarter Campaign to help fund our new album, "Hold On."  We thought long and hard about doing it, in all honesty, because it's a lot to ask of your fans...


Ultimately, we decided to go for it for two reasons:  1)  We came up with an idea for a video that would show off the music, our personalities, and an innovative approach we don't think anyone has tried before.  2)  We knew it was the only way we would be able to offer some of the really cool kick-back rewards we're offering up!!!


We're really proud of what we came up with.  Our program isn't about donation or investment - it's about being able to offer you a piece of ourselves and our dream.  It's a perfect platform to let you into the process and make you a big part of making this record!


Here are some of the "Kick Backs" we're offering:


- Digital downloads and physical copies of the album (easy ones!)

- The Belle Weather T-shirts

- Membership to our Fan Club for year round newsletters and exclusive new music

- Deluxe photo lyric books with the stories behind the songs

- Eric's wife's Mariya will make you her signature cookies!

- Framing Quality, signed and hand-written lyric sheets

- Breakfast or Dinner with the band!

- Movie party with the band!

- Hand-written book of lyrics from the album

- We'll learn and record a cover of your choice!

- We'll come and play a house concert for you!

- We'll deliver a singing and playing telegram for you!

- We'll collaborate, write, and record a song for you!

- Eric's wife Mariya will crochet you an heirloom quality throw

- Come along with the band to the Humane Society to pick out a new kitten (adoption in your honor!)

- Experience The Pabst Theater album release show with VIP treatement - backstage, green room, front row, soundcheck!

- Something we call "The Kitchen Sink" - you'll have to read this one to believe it!



So...  Yeah!  We had some fun with this!  And there's more!  We invite you to check it out.  Green links all over this email will take you there!  We hope you find something you love and take the plunge with us.  Please share the link with friends, too!  Together, I think we can make something really special!


Happy Friday!  Thanks for your support!


~eric, steve, ben, and ian~


The Belle Weather





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