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Brief email ...



For those of you into Steampunk or anything moderately related (Goth, Renfaire, Sci-Fi, Geeky stuff, etc., etc.) you've probably heard of Wicked Faire.  If you haven't, I highly suggest you go check it out!!


If you have/if you are going, here's the When/Where of how you can find me there:  (I'll also be playing with Eli August, Psyche Corporation and The Rose West, so be sure to look out for them too!!) ... and finally, I'll have a new EP, exclusively for sale there (though I'll eventually put it up on Bandcamp as well)


Also, in preparation for Wicked, I've decided to offer my 1st Ep - Sounds From the Subway - FREE for the next week here ... If you're unfamiliar with bandcamp, just click "Buy Now" & enter zero dollars & you've got some music!


I've had lots of cool happenings in the last few months ... I've written about some of them here:


More soon - and good luck in the snow to you New Yorkers!!






"One gets the feeling of traveling (almost on a cosmic scale) with his music"  Liz Hanna - Music Therapist

"Deeply dark yet optimistic. Sweetly Tragic Classical. Or "The November's Doom," of Solo Cello."  Lucretia Dearfour - The Copper Claw

"His passion for music of all sorts is unmatched… When performing, whether solo or with the countless bands he's a member of, he sinks himself into the moment and there is no break where his arm ends and his bow begins."  Eli August


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