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Brooklyn, NY
Rock / Garage / Punk
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 Hello, , 

   I know it's been a while since you've heard from us, but that doesn't mean we haven't been busy.  For instance, we've just made a deal with a major television network for song placement during their television shows.  We'll have more on this as it develops, but rest assured that our TV irons in the fire.
In other news, we've been making waves across the pond with the help of Tim  Forkster, some dedicated bloggers, and Lee Kirby of  If you haven't checked it out, you should.  It is truly independent radio at its finest, and Lee is a top-notch fellow (if a bit difficult to understand).  Is a tour of Great Britain in the cards for MtW?  Stay tuned in and we'll let you know.
   But what about shows, you ask?  Well, that's actually why we're writing.  We have two coming up this very weekend.  The first is this Saturday, Sept. 22nd, at the Underground Lounge on the Upper West side, way up at 107th and West End, where we never, ever go.  Check us out as we conquer new territory.  More info:  The event says 9, but we'll probably go on around 10.  The other bands are fantastic though, so come early and stay late.
  The other show is really a doozy:  We're playing Central Park on Sunday the 23rd, right in the Band Shell as part of International Peace Day.  We're only playing 3 songs, they're all covers, and 2 of them are brand new for us, so come check it out.  We'll be on sometime between 3 and 5 pm.  More details to come on our facebook account, so if you haven't liked us yet, you really should.  I mean, you're on our mailing list for Pete's sake.
That's all for now.  We hope to see you this weekend.  Peace.



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"Angst riven lyrics rail against the current state of affairs... this is carried out within the context of some superbly constructed melodies. The music is uncomplicated and the mixing desk is kept as simple as possible, giving the material an added air of credibility."  Tim, Indie Bands Blog

"Hailing from New York City and possessing all the vigor you’d expect, Maybe The Welders slid right into first for this week’s New Music Monday."  Angela, Infectious Magazine

"Maybe The Welders are one of those bands that take me back to my own personal music roots (Gang of four, the Clash, Talking Heads, and tons more) Maybe The Welders define that generation in a “Now music era statement” and I am ecstatic to have this band in my music ears today! They are a perfect example of what rock and roll needs back and that’s character, respect and style with real attitude and know how! “This band is Fierce.” They are going to “Give the music to you directly”, on music tracks or live!"  Forkster, Forkster "rOCKS It oUT"


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