Zebra Butterfly
Other / Folk Rock / Acoustic
Members: Scot Dunfee-Guitar, Banjo, Vocals, Mandolin,Harmonica_ Matt Young-Drums,Percussion,Vocals_ Kevin Williams-Bass, Mandolin,Guitar,Vocals

Hello to everyone who has made it this far! LOL!


To all of you still with me, we have been gigging and busy working on the live stuff, so we haven't been recording as of late.

So, our drummer, Matt, took it upon himself to do a cover of Bill Withers classic, "Lean on me"! It's all him! Grand and electric piano, bass, drums, lead and backing vocals! The song is at the bottom of the playlist. Please give it a listen and let Matt know what you think! Be honest, he can take it!!

Peace and Music_ZB


"I LOVE LOVE LOVE GOLDDIGGER BLUES!!WOW!! YOU GUYS ARE FABULOUS!!!! the recording sounds really clean and warm tones...GREAT JOB!!!!;)"  Aimie Page RN fan

"Love your band name and the songs! I think Be what you see is my favorite, but love the flavor of Shipwreck. Thanks for sharing your music! Look inside yourself, recognize your wealth...be what you see...great lyric!"  Danny Ray RN fan

"What a great, sexy, bluesy song...lotsa soul with a pinch of heartache and a dash of sass in the end...you guys are so versatile...so bendable, ya know, like Gumby with instruments you just make it work so beautifully..thank you for sharing your many talents and cannot wait for more~~~Ms. J"  Ms. J RN fan

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