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Colorado Springs, CO
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I've been asked a lot, and now I can finally say, yes, I'm now on YouTube!


Since I didn't have any music videos, I figured I'd hold off getting on YouTube, but I got asked enough times that I decided to start a YouTube channel, and I made an original audio visualization for my music as the video content. Let me know what you think, and if you want to see more ofmy music on YouTube. Please subscribe. I do my best to co-follow on Twitter, Soundcloud, etc. Reverbnation has a fan limit though, so I cannot always return the favor here (sorry).


And as always, if you haven't been by in a while, there are at LEAST 5 new songs on my page...almost 190 songs now, thanks to your constant encouragement and positive feedback.






"Nice to hear some quality electronic work - technology makes putting tracks together easy and affordable, but I can tell the difference between button pushers and artists. You are an artist - great work!"  Deb Musgrave, ReverbNation

"Enjoying the BFP experience on this cold Friday night in 'blighty'! Great new tracks Brian, especially liking, ''What Just Happened' and, 'This Round Is On Me'. Keep it up..."  EP Emsley, ReverbNation

"Great Music Brian!!!, you definitely have plenty of ear candy! Keep up the good work, and here's one for great music too!"  Paul Crane, ReverbNation


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