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Baltimore, MD
Rock / Hard Rock / Sleaze / #PartyRock
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We're sending this email out to enlighten everyone on the new changes to the way Facebook Band Pages are working.  As you all know, facebook became a publicly traded company, and they needed to create ways of generating money.  The latest is a way that hinders Band pages.  Many of you have been telling us you never see our updates or you rarely get them on your timeline even though you "like" us.  Well, there is a reason for that. Bands now have to PAY Facebook in order to have our updates placed in our fans timelines.  This is a big disadvantage to local bands.  In Sin 4 Sin's case, we're all broke as shit, so dumping money on this problem is not an option for us.  However, we're some pretty resourceful rockstars and we found that THERE IS a way we can all get around this!  If you would like to see Sin 4 Sin facebook status updates in your facebook timeline *(we post 2-3 times per week)* all you have to do is this:


1.  Go to our Facebook Band Page:

2.  At the top of the page on the right a box says "Like/Liked", next to that there is a "Down-arrow" you can click.  Click the "Down-arrow".

3.  A list drops down, the one you want to choose is "add to interest lists", click it.

4.  You will now be able to see our status updates!

5.  Please Do this WITH EVERY BAND YOU LIKE ON FACEBOOK! Support Local Music!



Sin 4 Sin


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"Sin 4 Sin Rocks Baltimore’s Cradle "  Jason Lightner, Tunes News

"Baltimore’s Sin 4 Sin injects some much needed new life into the hard rock scene."  Aaron Small, Braver Words & Bloody Knuckles

"Sin4Sin took the stage at 9 PM sharp & played a solid 30 minutes of sleazy glam rock that I'd describe as one part Bulletboys, two parts Def Leppard"  Bob Suehs, A Tit for Tat w/ Sin 4 Sin


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