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Hey everybody!

The, Break My Hell, official video is done just in time for Valentines Day!!  (We are not exactly sure why that correlation matters, but here at elci Productions we try not to over-think.)

Anyways - check it out, let us know what you think:


Everybody remember, you can still download BMH for Free here: 


Producers, if you like the guitars and want to know how we recorded them - our first-ever video tutorial is here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yE2olPkcsoA  (I apologize in advance for my voice-over retardedness ... but hopefully you learn some new tricks and secrets, we included one secret that we've never heard anyone else share before.)

Also producers, if you like a sound or want to know more about the BMH mix, etc.  We posted our production notes on-line at www.elciProductions.com/productionNotes.htm  -  They are available for download.  This is something we hopefully want to continue for our original songs in the future.

And finally producers, BMH is 100% royalty Free - that means you can sample it and use it freely for your own stuff.  Please feel free to sample away!

We love you guys and trust all is well!  Have an extra happy Valentines Day!!

rock your world,

elci Productions

elci Productions, bringing everyone's 'Coolness Factor' down by the square-root of 2.  Wait.  You're right.  That's irrational.


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