Dear Friends, 


This year has been INCREDIBLE. It has just gotten better and better. We've been so lucky finding each other, and even more lucky to have found YOU as an audience. With the addition of Celia Woodsmith in February and Courtney Hartman this summer, we feel like we've finally found our sound and purpose. It's truly a love fest, AND tonight, you can take advantage a momentous occasion brought to you by technology.... in comforts of your own home.......




8pm EST

Here's the event on Facebook!

ALSO, our debut album, I Built This Heart is RELEASED!

Available only directly from us at live shows and HERE 

You can stream for free and purchase the album- digital or physical copies!

(not on iTunes, Amazon, or CDBaby).

*Purchase of the physical CD comes with an INSTANT digital download!




Produced by the wonderful Austin Nevins (guitarist, Josh Ritter & the Royal City Band)


Engineered, mixed, and mastered by the GREAT Nashville engineer Erick Jaskowiak


Additional recording by Austin Nevins at Austin's Studio in Somerville, MA


Laurie Lewis (Vocals: Aged Pine, Bowling Green)

Alison Brown(Banjo: Jamie Dear, Aberdeen, The Most, From the Bottle)

Brittany Haas (Fiddle: My Heart's Own Love, The Most, Ballad of a Lonely Woman)

Emma Beaton (Vocals: Polk County, The Most)


Art & Design by the incredible Karli Ingersoll (

Photography by Paul Janovitz

Bummed Passim is sold out tonight? 


See us Saturday, NOV 19th with Laurie Lewis & The Right Hands in Lexington, MA. 

National Heritage Musuem



For those of you north of Boston, we're also playing a benefit show in Newburyport, MA Nov. 11th.


Belleville Roots Music Concert Series Benefit Concert

Belleville Congregational Church

Newburyport, MA.


Please do keep an eye on our TOUR SCHEDULE to see when we'll be near you! Lots of festivals materializing for next year... can't wait to tell you which ones! Also, if you're in Europe in December, come see us! We'll be performing 20 straight dates in Germany with stops in Switzerland and the Czech Republic. We're really looking forward to sharing the Bluegrass Jamboree bill with the Deadly Gentlemen and Cahalan Morrison & Eli West



As always, THANK YOU for being on this journey with us. It would be awkward to do what we do without you.


Stop over and join our network on facebook! You thought I was going to tell you to "like" us! But I DIDN'T. But... please do.


Happy snow time!


Kimber, Celia, Jenni Lyn, Courtney, and Amanda

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