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Well I have been doing quite a good job of adding people to my mailing list, but what I haven't been doing is actually sending mails out. So for any of you who are getting this email and wondering who the heck I am, because it's so long since you saw me at a show and were kind enough to hand over your email address that you've forgotten all about it, please accept my apologies!

The truth is a few things have conspired to slow down my productivity of late, mainly down to a combination of having to put long hours in at work, and some equipment failure that I couldn't afford to get fixed until recently. Still that's mostly sorted now, and I am glad to say, music and I are getting happily re-acquainted now.

Recording work continues both at home in Wells, as well as with my good friend Darren in London, and I am aiming to have an album ready by the end of this year. Competing in the Mid-Somerset Battle of the Bands was a good challenge and landed me second place and some great press to boot, which you can now find shamelessly daubed on my website. It also put me in touch with a chap called Aaron Phillips (one of the judges) who has been giving me some great support on the radio, by having me in for a live interview and songs on Somer Valley FM, and playing my stuff on the Amazing Radio Rock Show.

I had never heard of Amazing Radio before. It's a national DAB station, that's also available online. They play a big range of music, and in my humble opinion, they are particularly good at selecting original music that's genuinely good. I can highly recommend popping the Amazing Radio player on in the background when you're working at your computer sometime by going to

Apart from that I am still trying to organise gigs when I find the time to sit down and do boring email stuff, and I actually have FOUR coming up in Bristol this weekend. I am also giving some thought to doing house concerts, where you can hire me to come to your home to play, and enjoy food catered for by my partner, Elaine. If you think that's something you might be interested in, please get in touch on And finally, I now have a phone that does 720p video, so I am going to increase my Youtube presence with a mixture of covers and originals. Please share these if you can, it really helps more than anything else I think.

Thanks to all you new sign ups and you more seasoned fans for being out there with a kind word to say about my music. I look forward to bringing you more to enjoy before 2012 is done. In the meantime, it'd be great to see you at a gig, or hear from you on Facebook, Twitter.


Best wishes





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