Boulder Creek, CA  |  Singer Songwriter / Americana Gothic / Voix de Ville, Jazz, Folk, Singer Songwriter
Members: Sabine Heusler-Schick & Kenny Schick

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I know I havn't written for a while... so much going on too... We just did a little show that was so much fun at the Blue Rock Shoot and the response was so good that it filled me with happy so we'll try to fit in some more shows before the end of the year. Halloween is coming up - our favorite time and there are a few things happening then that still need to be confirmed... 

I've been writing new songs which we will release as we go along once they are finished... see what you think of them, make some videos that kinda thing... then the new album will be worked on and we're thinking of releasing it with a little book of ghost stories... IF anyone is interested.

I still have T'shirts available too...(different from the ones listed here on Reverbnation site) in all sizes and men's and women's styles... the text is silver (cool right) and they are black (dah) okay we also have some white men's ones because they made a mistake and we got them for free so you can also have those for free if ya want them :) Let me check on the sizes there... if you write you are interested send me a note! :)

You should totally check out my pintrest board entitled Ghosts for - I find so many lovely images and stories there... (yes I've become obsessed - well its like looking through magazines so much fun). Look at this photo and tell me you don't see the song 'Shipwreck' eh.... spooky right! 

We LOVE that you've been spreading the love to your friends and family about ArtemesiaBlack - its wonderful and so helpful and we are so appreciative you must know that - getting people to go to our ArtemesiaBlack facebook page and LIKING IT is super great! Going to our webpage and signing up on our email is super great! and certainly getting our CDs is super super great!  - our goal is to tour europe soon so anyone you know there would be greater than great. We want to do this all on our own too... no signups to recording companies, no management, just us and YOU!!!  

Meanwhile we'll keep ghost catching and playing music - we pretty much rehearse everyday and its been so fun  - and working hard at our business. Kenny is producing so much good music right now its crazy... he's on some kind of roll. There is some magic coming out of his studio for sure! Basement3Productions and I've been pretty busy working on graphics for all kinds of bands but also the California Nature Center - some amazingly cool people that build sustainable and passive solar houses and protect native flora and fauna! So proud to be working with them on all they do. 

Kenny Schick and ArtemesiaBlack has been getting a lot of airplay all over the world now actually so thats been just wonderful that the kids are out there on their own :) (germany) (spain) AND KWTF - USA / California AND 88.1 FM, KWTF  Bodega Bay, later all shows are available for further listening and downloading at *Lord Litter's Magic Music Box* Vive La Difference!

Kenny Schick is currently at #1 on the Reverbnation charts AND his songs have been on ROAD TRIP NATION this season 10 AND his song 'Black and Blue' will be on the CD they are producing which will go on the road and be available to college students which is sooooo awesome! 

Now remember no matter what happens in your day - YOU are awesome... and ... we love you long time! 
Sabine & Kenny 

" "... we absolutely heard a very similar spirit! .. we like VERY much what we heard! ... personal / unique music that does not long for certain *cliches / sounds / scenes* .. but a direct output from the heart ... a detail ... your voice ... has much of *classical* lady singers .. but does not remind on someone .. too many singers today add certain effects to the singing to *fake* feeling ... your voice / music creates a *world* .. a real feeling... pictures ... !!! ... real .. what I call *music*!" — Lord Litter, Lord Litter (German DJ -,,, OpenStreetMap

"ArtemesiaBlack LIVE on FCCFREE radio!" — Mr Phil, FCCFREE RADIO

"This album is a quiet treasure and deserves your attention. " — Anna Maria Stjärnell, Collected Sounds

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