Benjamin Carr

Town Of Rockingham, VT
Instrumental / Rock/Jazz / World
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Hi Music Fans.


This Saturday, Dec. 8,  the Ben Carr Music Project takes shape as an acoustic quartet at Pleasant Valley Brewing in Saxtons River, VT.   The show starts at 8 PM and is Free!


The group features:

Ben - 'ukulele, percussion, vocals

Josh Maiocco - guitar, vocals

Joel Eisenkramer - guitar, vocals

Jason Koerber - flute, clarnet, sax 


This is the final BCMP show of 2012 so I want to see you all out here showing some love, because you know that's what we're putting into this music!



Pleasant Valley Brewing is located at 16 Main St, Saxtons River.   Check them out on FB:


and if you haven't been to the Ben Carr Music page, please visit :


Thanks for the support.


In Music.



"With an ear on acoustic textures featuring the ukulele, and an eye on what some would call traditional stereotypical hippie fashion, Ben Carr’s Oakleaf does not disappoint. As I said, the focus here is the ukulele, not solo playing (all the time) but worked into acoustic arrangements so that you know it’s the voice Ben is balanced on. This music, which is an original vision of Ben’s, is moody and withdrawn, open and loving. It takes you places with a gentle pull. This is a sound that is being heard more around New England: the sound of a unique artist pursuing, orchestrating and delivering his or her vision. You can tell other bands are working up to this standard. Guys like Ben raise the bar. This music is best HEARD, not as much listened too—one may get picky about the apparent simplicity and unorthodox rhythmic and melodic figures. It’s a really interesting, good work."  Mike Loce, The Noise - Rock Around Boston

"I am incredibly impressed, and my only complaint is that the CD is too short! I want more! This is a rare piece of art, as you can listen from start to finish and never once miss any version of vocals. Oh yeah, did I forget to tell you this is entirely instrumental? The level of musicianship puts out more emotion than most of the singers out there could possibly convey through lyrics."  Chris Sonia, Cider Magazine

"Like a vacation in Hawaii or a drive across the Pacific Coast, Oakleaf is a breezy, natural musical sojourn crafted by multi-instrumentalist, Ben Carr Oakleaf has a wonderful flow to it, beginning to end. "Apple Dance" is a catchy, upbeat number with a similarly inspired line of percussion. The title track proper shows how comfortable Ben is on the uke, aptly crafting an ever-morphing melody that builds into a crescendo before cresting into a more peaceful place. "Funky Uke" isn't lying, and the track has a strong and clean jazz vibe that is ridiculously easy to tap your toes along with. "Riff'a'Driff" sounds like a jazz band's reckoning of a variety of classic rock standards. A true talent behind the uke (sic) and an inspired and very rhythmatic drummer, Ben Carr is seemingly the epitome of the independent, do-it-yourself mentality. Oakleaf is an easy-to-digest, soulful, delightfully eccentric mix of styles, heavy on substance and quality writing. "  Kevin Sellers, Music Emissions


Chivers Center Saxtons River, VT Sat Feb 07 2015 06:00 PM  
Metropolis Wine Bar & Cocktail Lounge Brattleboro, VT Fri Apr 03 2015 10:00 PM  
Pleasant Valley Brewing Saxtons River, VT Fri Apr 17 2015 08:00 PM  
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