Rena Jones  ::  Portland, OR


Dear friends,


It gives me great excitment to announce that my new album "Echoes" is set to release on March 25th with CD's and vinyl to follow shortly there after.


This album has been a massive undertaking and it has also been the greatest honor to work with a series of incredible and talented musicians. I am humbled by the amount of love that several artists have put into this album.


Last month, I was able to work closely with Joshua Pennman of Akara and record Oboe, Basson, Clarinet, English horn and bass clarinet. This has been a several years long dream and I couldn't have done it with out the help from everyone on my Indiegogo campaign.


For those that contributed or even pased on a link, my endless thanks and the rewards will be coming soon.


I look forward to sharing the new album with everyone on March 25th.


With love,


Rena Jones



"It may be ambient but unlike much of the downtempo music around it’s certainly not background music" — Total Music Magazine

"The Diva of Ambient Cello" — John Diliberto, NPR

"Literally one of the best experimental artists currently making tracks." — Women's Radio Brian Ball, Digital Bliss - Compilation review

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