Rena Jones  ::  Portland, OR


Hello friends,

I want to send my deepest gratitude for everyone who contributed on Kickstarter. 

Because my goal was not reached, none of you have been charged for your contribution. 

During the kickstarter, I was made aware of another site that allows me to keep 100% of what is raised. 

If everyone who contributed on kickstarter makes the same contribution on Indiegogo, the album will be released in March 2013. 

Please go to and resubmit your contribution... The prizes are the same and I have even added a few more to make it interesting. 

Your support and help in spreading the word is appreciated. 








"It may be ambient but unlike much of the downtempo music around it’s certainly not background music" — Total Music Magazine

"The Diva of Ambient Cello" — John Diliberto, NPR

"Literally one of the best experimental artists currently making tracks." — Women's Radio Brian Ball, Digital Bliss - Compilation review

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