Rena Jones  ::  Portland, OR


Hello all,

Now that the new campaign is up, I added a few more prizes.. 


I wanted to draw some attention to the $600 prize. Simon Haiduk was kind enough to donate some art to the cause. 


For $600, you'll get a signed limited edition canvas print at 22"x36 choice between "Sanctuary" or "Divine Encounter", High resolution download of "Driftwood", "Transmigration", "Indra's Web" and new album. Signed copies of "Driftwood", "Indra's Web" and special backers edition of new album and print of Echoes poster signed and a copy of "Echoes" on vinyl




"It may be ambient but unlike much of the downtempo music around it’s certainly not background music" — Total Music Magazine

"The Diva of Ambient Cello" — John Diliberto, NPR

"Literally one of the best experimental artists currently making tracks." — Women's Radio Brian Ball, Digital Bliss - Compilation review

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