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 PAS January/Febraury Newsletter


Hello friends! 


Happy New Year! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season. 

We have been pretty busy here at Casa de PAS.  We hope to see you soon and wish you the best!

Robert and PAS


Upcoming Shows: 


1) via Robert (PAS)..."This Saturday I am proud to announce I will be performing with John Driscoll and Phil Edelstein for their CIE (Composers Inside Electronics) series for a special Ambient-Chaos. "


CIE is a group of composers/performers dedicated to the composition and live collaborative performance of electronic and electro-acoustic music using both software and instruments designed and constructed by individual composers. The group was formed in 1973 with David Tudor and is known for its pioneering use of live electronics, including David Tudor’s Rainforest project. The current members include founding members John Driscoll and Phil Edelstein; Tom Hamilton, Matt Rogalsky, and Doug Van Nort, and Robert L. Pepper.


2) PAS/Brett Zweiman ($50 Dollar Trumpet/Dao Anh Khanh (Vietnam) will be performing their collaboration "Kine" in Ha Noi, Vietnam for Dao Anh Khanh's spring festival. More information can be found here shortly. Special 'Kine' promos will be given out to promote their release on Alrealon Musique this year.



European Tour:


This April/May PAS will be touring with Brandstifter for several gigs across Europe. Cities include: Paris, Brussels, Hamburg, Berlin, Vilnius, Riga, Vienna, more to come. 


Schedule can be found here:



Ambient-Chaos curated by PAS and Damien Olsen: 


This Thursday, Feb. 7th:  Mark Bernardini, Bob Bellerue, Thickly Painted Walls, Spreaders at Spectrum, New York 121 Ludlow Street, 7:30


This coming Sunday, Feb 10th: 


PAS's Michael Durek will host: Omega Sound Presents: The Manhattan Ice Frog Artcrime/RayBally/TheUse/Droneclone at Spectrum, New York 121 Ludlow Street, 7:30


Releases: PAS Curated Series on Alrealon Musique


PAS are proud to announce the release date for The Jazzfakers 'Here is Now' cd at Alrealon Musique. The release date is March 25th.


Check out the promo track on Soundcloud:





A nice review of 'Flanked By Women and Pumpkins', on Alrealon Musique.


PAS are a quartet of exploratory musicians whose aim is to make musical collages from a wide variety of sources: instruments, found sounds, natural recordings. The music is amorphous, ever-changing, occasionally offputting, sometimes glorious. As the band themselves admit, the music here is more by way of soundscape than song, and this is certainly true of the opening three cuts.'Volker Goes To Spain' however achieves a notable impact through its choice of synth sounds and natural recordings - dark and eerie in the extreme - while 'Vacationing Beat' brings crickets to an otherworldly drone and some very glitchy beats. I also liked 'Sonic Sleighride Through Coalmines' which is perhaps the track on the album that most conjures up definite mental images; a kind of gothic railway ride underground. 'The Dramatic Exit' concludes events with piano, synths and mysterious background sounds. As with all music like this, the key question is, has the band achieved an original sound through its constituent parts? PAS certainly have, and there are more hits than misses on this menagerie of electro-acoustic trips.




A video from 'Electric Rain on Adam's Bridge':


A new live from from Spectrum:



An upcoming by PAS/Rapoon titled 'Manuscript Stickum'

A live cd/dvd from last years PAS/Philippe Petit tour

And much more......





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"...this is a quartet of experimenters making rather quirky and quite dark electronic music with heavily treated vocals set to clonking rhythms, resembling in places a rather more sinister version of The Residents.""  Ed Pinsent, The Sound Projector

"Few bands can capture emotion but PAS has been doing this for quite some time and knows how to deliver."  Banshee Goldman, Culture Asylum Magazine

"There are no clearly defined melodies, no structural landmarks that give you any sense of traditional anchor. This is not music making with any sense of or desire for commercial viability, but sonic sculptures in the mode of pure art."  Paul Paradis, All Music Blog


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