Well Hello There, and Welcome back the authentic KP exclusive newsletter experience!


First thing's first; Here's a brand new Video featuring some of the Not-Yet-Released Album for your Listening and watching Pleasure :)  I had fun with this one.      





I also wanted to announce the release of a my brand new Fancy-Pants Website!!  It's very Exciting, fun to look at and to scroll around through.  Like a journey... through time, and space, and mystical lands of effulgent Fresh colour, bursting-forth-life, spirit, and the effusive Nectar of Pure AWESOMENESS!     Haha.  No, but really, it's a fantastic site, built by miss Wahkeena Sitka herself.  Yay!  


There are indeed other VERY exciting things afoot!  Brewing and growing beneath the ground..  But it's all a secret as of now, hee hee.  I'll tell you more later ;)


Lastly, in case you missed it, I also just released THIS Video of my version of Imogen Heap's "Hide and Seek."  Absolutely one of my all-time favorite songs.  Check it out!  






Well I hope you are absolutely Fantastic in this Spring-Bubbling-Up-Like-Wild-Flower time!  Mmmmmm... I am just in Love with this time of year!    <3


More soon!










Shows: April 5 2013: Seattle, WA:  Get details.


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