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           ***FOR THE NEXT 3 DAYS ONLY***
     You can purchase my new album
              "Shine, Shine, Shine!"
Dear friend,
I sent an email out last night about how to purchase a copy of my new BIG BAND album. Some requested a direct download link so here is it ...

Also it seems that the link to purchase the actual CD did not work for some. Here is that link again

     I am extremely excited to share with you the news that my new album has just arrived.  A very special collection of original Big Band songs.  A copy of the new, un-released full length album “Shine, Shine, Shine" is an occasion to strike up the band. For the next 3 DAYS ONLY I'm making it available to you. Each new album includes a "bonus track" and a personalized signed photograph. It's easy, fun & safe to order. Since I am not posting the album on my web page, please follow the link below and scroll down and order my album "AND I LOOK UP". I will know that for the next three days when I see an order for that album it is really an order for "SHINE, SHINE SHINE".  Forty eight hours later you will have an exclusive pre-release copy of my swinging album.

Page has really gone and done it. This time he strikes 
up the band like a jazz cigarette with his terrific new album Shine Shine Shine"~Jason Mraz

Thank you for your support,

Gregory Page (Himself)

Here is the link that will take you to the "Order Page"




"His music is a mixture of jazz, music from the twenties, heavy French romantic, blues and folk music - all translated into today. „I owe it to live a bit in the past. It’s somehow appeasing. Whereas the future is still uncertain, he says. „I frequently think: how can I turn my show more into black and white? That has to be possible nevertheless, with slightly correcting or 3D-glasses? The American singer Gregory Page (London, 1963) is true of recent developments. The distinctive song writer looks as a minstrel. Shabby chic outfit - second-hand package, tie, cap, thick glasses and a gentlemanly beard, guitar case in his hand. And a significant visiting card: `songwriter, astronaut, full-time dreamer'. A mild poser he is, he is eccentric, his open attitude is authentic."  Amanda Kuyper, Fulltime dreamer

"Currently swinging through the country in big band style, London-born, US-based crooner Gregory Page comes armed with a new album of unashamedly retrospective big band swing. Rather than plundering the oldies as most of his peers do when approaching this genre, Page has taken the time and considerable effort to write his own set of yesteryear style compositions and record them with a massive complement of musicians, including jazz luminary Bob Magnusson and the Brad Steinwehe Jazz Orchestra. Page & company have nailed the tone of the era they were aiming at - an indisputable bullseye. The pianos tinkle, the violins sigh, the horns swell, the rhythms swing with grace. And Page's songs sound like they could have been written seventy years ago."  Martin Jones, Rhythms Magazine, Australia

"Gregory Page is a masterful lyricist who makes beautiful music. His voice is like Chet Baker. His music – a mixture of jazz, music from the 1920s and a certain folklore translated into the 21st Century, – always contains a trace of melancholy. A careful observer of everyday realities, he fashions his songs with sensitivity and humour, revealing a great craftsmanship."  Vrije Geluiden, Dutch TV show, Gregory Page special


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