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sorry to interrupt your superbowl,

over the past few months i've been deep in thought...caught between believing in myself and losing every ounce of hope i have.  when i found myself back home, after a failed attempt to plant myself elsewhere i became utterly depressed.  i had a good situation but it didn't feel 100% right.  the timing was somehow off.  i needed to be groomed a little more. maybe punished.

so for the past 6 months i've been gathered in my mother's basement figuring out just how to climb back up the stairs.  So Much More didn't work.  not because it was bad but simply because it was an experiment.  i was learning how to use new tools & mix them with old methods i once had.  that album was how i felt in virginia hanging out with josh everhart.

after i put it out, i immediately felt like i had lost touch with my fans.  i started begging my family to be of some support and at the same time neglected my core audience. for that im sorry. my audience isn't here with arkansas...(well some of it is)...its everywhere someone has a song of mine in their iPod, or that person that has watched me on YouTube....or my 16k followers on twitter.

so now im ready to start anew.  im only a few days into producing the best material i have made to date.  my rhymes have improved due to the hardships, depression, and anger.  i'm ready to show you my [SIDE B]...the true me...the voice inside of Terry Lamont...(not those kind of voices)...  im not ready to save the world with my lyrics...i'm ready to save myself.      i cannot be polite anymore.    it's time to get ignant

- wordplay

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