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Indianapolis, IN
Indie / Progressive Rock / Rock/Jazz/Blues/Fusion
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Hello everybody, it's been a while. I'm in the "relief" phase of healing from the spinal fusion surgery and I think it's gonna be ok. Will see the doc on Monday, May 6th and I think the shoulder harnesses are gonna come off, just leaving the back brace. There will be a Benefit/Tribute for yours truly June 30th in Indy, click the link to see the details: Benefit/Tribute for Loren "Lo" Woods I can't thank you enough for all of your support, friendship and it's amazing to see the level of giving and care that people have. Just when I think humanity and giving are a thing of the past and I start to lose hope, something like this will happen and my belief is restored. I believe the last two songs I recorded before this happened will be included in the newsletter; "Headback" and "Nitro." Give them an ear and as always . . .


Keep the faith,


~Brother Lo

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"You, Lo Woods are the guitarist that I wanted to become and would have had I not gotten sick, we are kindred spirits and souls connected. Had I met you six months earlier, you definitely would've been on my record." Larry "Rhino" Reinhardt (July 7, 1948 January 2, 2012) Note: If not for Rhino in the early 70s, especially Butterfly Bleu and the Iron Butterfly "Metamorphosis" record, Loren 'Lo' Woods would not have ended up being the guitarist he is . . . period! I finally met him and we became best of friends, which is Gods gift to me. I miss you Larry, you are and will always be a legend!!!  Larry "Rhino" Reinhardt, Personal Quote Shared with You

"I found a great guitar player out of Indiana named Loren Woods. We've been rehearsing with several people in the last six months, and I think the final lineup is at hand. I would like to establish this as a concert band first." *Bobby Caldwell; Living Legend, Drummer, songwriter for Johnny Winter, Rick Derringer, Captain Beyond, Armageddon and many more*  Jonathan Mover, Drumhead Magazine

"The Final Battle is epic, Because is hauntingly beautiful, Silent Night is wistfully lovely, Throwin down is exactly that, Lo's Blues made my eyes close and took me South, Claim Victory is mesmerizingly strong. Don't ask me to try and choose a favorite here. Lo Woods is simply amazing with a guitar. I just ordered Undisturbed Space CD !!!"  Jo Baker, From Music Advocate (Fan)


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