Loren "Lo" Woods

Fishers, IN
Indie / Progressive Rock / Rock/Jazz/Blues/Fusion
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Hello everybody, it's been a while. I'm in the "relief" phase of healing from the spinal fusion surgery and I think it's gonna be ok. Will see the doc on Monday, May 6th and I think the shoulder harnesses are gonna come off, just leaving the back brace. There will be a Benefit/Tribute for yours truly June 30th in Indy, click the link to see the details: Benefit/Tribute for Loren "Lo" Woods I can't thank you enough for all of your support, friendship and it's amazing to see the level of giving and care that people have. Just when I think humanity and giving are a thing of the past and I start to lose hope, something like this will happen and my belief is restored. I believe the last two songs I recorded before this happened will be included in the newsletter; "Headback" and "Nitro." Give them an ear and as always . . .


Keep the faith,


~Brother Lo




"I Love your Song Headback. I have been listening to it. I love the lyrics & your playing is just pure Energy.You feel it. Glad I discovered your music!"  Trice Jacobs, Fellow Artist

"You, Lo Woods are the guitarist that I wanted to become and would have had I not gotten sick, we are kindred spirits and souls connected. Had I met you six months earlier, you definitely would've been on my record." Larry "Rhino" Reinhardt (July 7, 1948 January 2, 2012) Note: If not for Rhino in the early 70s, especially Butterfly Bleu and the Iron Butterfly "Metamorphosis" record, Loren 'Lo' Woods would not have ended up being the guitarist he is . . . period! I finally met him and we became best of friends, which is Gods gift to me. I miss you Larry, you are and will always be a legend!!!  Larry "Rhino" Reinhardt, Personal Quote Shared with You

"I found a great guitar player out of Indiana named Loren Woods. We've been rehearsing with several people in the last six months, and I think the final lineup is at hand. I would like to establish this as a concert band first." *Bobby Caldwell; Living Legend, Drummer, songwriter for Johnny Winter, Rick Derringer, Captain Beyond, Armageddon and many more*  Jonathan Mover, Drumhead Magazine


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