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Minneapolis, MN
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Hello friends of Well Trained Monkey,

Welcome to the January 29th 2013 edition of the Crackin' Coconuts Newsletter.


Had a grand time this past weekend in Mankato Minnesota playing the Savoy - in fact it went so great I will be returning in a couple months and it looks like I will be getting a regular series of gigs set up there - (hey fellow musicians, hit me up if you'd like to join a bill).  Literally played for 4+ hours onstage that night with breaks only for water and drinks.  I will admit I had to repeat myself a number of times (several times? sure) but if you're in a bar band (or a one person band bar band) you do what you can - when the crowd is dancing you keep going, and I was not going to give out before they did.  Made some new friends and rocked it old school like the Beatles in Hamburg from 10:00 till 2:00.  


This upcoming weekend Saturday February 2nd it's the annual pre-Super Bowl Party, an annual Debacle of Debauchery that my fellow one person band Primadonahue and I put on, this time at Big V's Saloon in Saint Paul.  Kickoff for music that evening will be at 10:00 or so.  Well Trained Monkey is the first act of the evening.  Big V's is at 1567 University Avenue at the corner of University & Snelling.  $5.00 at the door.  The lineup for the evening is killer-diller on a seismic level and includes some of my favorite local bands - Well Trained Monkey, Primadonahue, Rapedoor, and Necrovagina, in that order.  


For samples of the artists on the bill please visit: 




Thanks again for the support everybody!  




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"Well Trained Monkey spans genres while remaining true to his own electro-funk style. The classic “Yellow Bird,” made famous by Harry Belafonte (among others), is a favorite of Well Trained Monkey fans. His updated version, with his sax playing out the melody, gets people dancing at the bars and nothing is lost on the album. ...While some listeners find electro music to become tiresome after a few minutes, Electro-Funk Tiki Lounge delivers a lively mix and changes the pace with enough frequency to keep the listner engaged. "  Monica, St. Paul Examiner

"This is remarkable music. It sings like a series of tapestries made from those elements of charm from the many types of music that float my boat, woven harmoniously together and presented anew, yet with the integrity of each constituent element somehow remaining wholly intact. I call that Magic!"  Exile Pots, ReverbNation

"Wow sir, tough skills, brilliant arrangement. You're not well trained, you're EXCELLENTLY trained. Love that Yellow Bird. Respect. Cheers from Indonesia ! LunariaN"  LunariaN, ReverbNation


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